Apple bumps price of AppleCare+ for Apple Series 4

Apple quietly raised the price of the Apple Series 4 AppleCare + warranty plan.

It costs $ 79 to cover the company's latest laptop. For Apple Series 3, it is $ 30 higher than AppleCare +. But buyers can pay the fee for that service monthly.

Apple series 4 is Apple's cutting edge chip. It has bigger screen, faster processor, new sensor and ceramic bag. It is also the first device to offer on-demand electrocardiogram (ECG).

If your Series 4 breaks down or fails, it can cost more to repair it. Apple has updated the price of the Series 4 AppleCare + Protection Plan to reflect this.

AppleCare + for Apple Series 4

Series 4's AppleCare + is targeted at buyers for two years from the date of purchase, but now it is $ 79. If you do not need to pay the total amount in advance, you can pay at 3.99 dollars each month Month 24 months.

Despite the $ 30 increase, AppleCare + remains an interesting purchase. This not only provides 2 years of assistance but also covers 2 cases of accidental damage.

This means that if Apple for some reason breaks your Apple, not only is it wrong, but Apple will always repair it. You have to pay a deduction of $ 69 each time, but it is much less than you pay for repair without AppleCare +.

In addition, AppleCare + offers faster service, mail-in repair, worldwide coverage etc.

Apple Series 4 AppleCare + can be purchased today. Just add it to the cart when pre-ordering new products on

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