Apple CEO Tim Cook to appear on #039;Good Morning America,#039; visits SoHo Apple store

Apple CEO Tim Cook visits the media following last week's announcement by iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, Apple.

The next appearance of Cook was announced to GMA's tweet Twitter account Monday. by ABCIt will appear in a live interview with Robin Roberts of tomorrow. When the segment is aired, it is unknown, but the 2 hour show starts at 7 AM.

Mr. Roberts does not specifically mention that Mr. Roberts is talking to Mr. Cook, but the latest Apple mobile product is certainly subject to discussion.

In addition to Mr. Roberts' question, GMA has asked viewers to respond to their original tweets at their own request for Cook.

Apple executives first appeared ABC; # 39; s I attended the 2016 morning show on this year's large-scale hardware launch with Roberts (iPhone 7, Apple Series 2, AirPod). Last year he also returned to discuss the iPhone 's X and Face ID, Apple' s co – founder Steve Jobs' legacy.

According to some Twitter articles, Tom seems to be tying up in New York for tomorrow's recording, but the director visited Apple's SoHo store on Monday and took pictures with retail staff.

"Thank you for working with Apple Soho and our team around the world this week and this year! I can not wait on Friday. To mutter To his personal account.

The picture attached to the message shows a clerk gathe red around the Cook for group photo.

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