Apple Could Expand Sleep Tracking Capabilities into Blankets And Mattress


Users are already tracking their time in bed with Apple products, but the options available can be expanded. Compsmag reported on a patent where the company created a blanket and mattress that can track sleep and health.

“Traditionally, monitoring someone’s sleep or vital signs has required expensive and bulky equipment,” begins Vital Signs Monitoring System. U.S. Patent No. 20200107785. He then points out that wearing such equipment makes the person uncomfortable and thus affects the sleep patterns they are trying to follow. This is specifically an assessment of the type of sleep recording that requires a stay in a medical facility, but it also makes points that may also apply to a Apple Watch. More specifically, it indicates that currently any type of worn-out device tends to be “configured to determine vital signs according to a type of measurement or operating mode”.

See: Apple can extend the sleep tracking capabilities to blankets and mattresses

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