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Apple explains plans to safely restart operations at its retail stores

by Rahul Chauhan
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Apple’s head of retail Deidre O’Brien on Sunday explained the company’s plans to restart operations in stores, adding that they won’t move forward until they’re confident in ‘safe returns’ # 39 ;. “In China, and later around the world, we were one of the first companies to close our stores. In Greater China, we saw the importance of rapid action – and the crucial importance of social distance – to prevent the spread of the virus. Slowing down As time went on, we have continued to refine and expand our in-store health and safety measures, which have proven to be so effective in places like Greater China, where our stores have been safely open for months, “said the company. # official website quoted O & # 39; Brien.

O’Brien further stated that the company will only reopen if they are confident it can safely return to serving customers from their stores. “Our commitment is to proceed with a reopening only if we are sure we can safely return to customers from our stores. We review all available data – including local cases, short and long term trends and guidance from national and local health officials. These are not decisions we are rushing for – and a store opening in no way means that we will not take the preventive step of closing the store again if local conditions justify it, “he said.

O’Brien said that in every store they are focused on limiting occupancy and giving everyone plenty of space, and refocusing on one-to-one personalized service in the Genius Bar and throughout the store. Face coverage is required and temperature control will be done at the door, he said.

“We are also taking some additional steps in most places. Facial coverings are required for all of our teams and clients, and we will provide them to clients who do not bring their own. Temperature checks are performed at the door, and posted health questions will be screened for people with symptoms – such as cough or fever – or who have recently been exposed to someone infected with COVID-19. During the day we perform improved deep cleansing with special emphasis on all surfaces, display products and high traffic areas, ” said O & # 39; Brien. (ANI)

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