Apple Fixes More Bugs With New iOS 13.2.3 Update

iOS 13.2.3, the latest update, fixes several strange bugs that appeared in mobile operating systems as a result of the release of iOS 13. For example, the update includes a patch for the Spotlight filter that makes it more consistent at the operating system level. , as well as in the mail, files, and notes from Apple.

Also, apps that download content in the background have been fixed. Mail now correctly retrieves e-mails. Apple’s release notes also indicate that an issue that prevented the correct display of photos, attachments, and links in the Messages application was resolved.

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Since its release, iOS 13 has been a disaster in some respects, but it’s good to see Apple release updates at a rapid pace. You can download iOS 13.2.3 by selecting “Settings,” then “General,” “About,” and finally “Software Update.”