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Trump’s ban of Chinese apps has lots of precedent in other countries, and Apple and Google comply

Overall, Apple removed 851 apps in the year between July 2018 and June 2019, and the vast majority of requests came from China.ampvideo_youtubeCNBCYesterday

New Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 12 Design Shock

Apple’s new iPhone 12 will not look like everyone expected…ampvideo_youtubeForbesYesterday

Apple wants this recipe app to stop using a pear in its logo

Apple has filed a notice of opposition against a recipe app because it claims the Prepear app’s cartoon fruit logo— in this case, a pear— is too close to Apple’s …ampvideo_youtubeThe Verge1 hour agoplay_arrow

Apple Arcade Gains ‘Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows’

Apple regularly adds new games to its Apple Arcade gaming *service*, and this week’s new title is “Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows,” which…ampvideo_youtubeMacRumors2 days agoPopular product linesAirPodsiPhoneMacintoshApple TVApple Watch

Apple takes legal action against meal planning service with a pear-shaped logo

Apple is apparently taking legal action against a company called Prepear, which is an app and *service* that makes it easier for people to meal plan and find new …ampvideo_youtube9to5Mac5 hours ago

Apple Takes Legal Action Against Small Company With Pear Logo

Apple is taking legal action against the developers of the app “Prepear” due to its logo, according to iPhone in Canada. Prepear…ampvideo_youtubeMacRumorsYesterday

Apple objects to app’s pear logo trademark application

Apple has reportedly objected to a meal planner app’s logo of a pear, with the iPhone maker allegedly objecting to a trademark application for a fruit-based logo.ampvideo_youtubeAppleInsiderYesterday

Apple Takes Legal Action Against This Small Company’s Pear Logo

Apple says the Prepear logo resembles the Apple logo and has taken legal action against the small business.ampvideo_youtubeiPhone in Canada9 hours agoView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_upMore stories

He had AppleCare. Then Apple sent his broken iMac to Best Buy

Apple is widening its network of authorized repair centers. A famous photographer isn’t happy about that. Actually, he’s “disgusted.”ampvideo_youtubeZDNet6 hours ago

iPhone 12 series will reportedly support BeiDou navigation – news

Apple and the iPhone line, in particular, has never had an easy relationship with the Chinese market. Constantly thwarted by local regulations and many legal …ampvideo_youtubeGSMArena.comYesterday

iPhone 12 series will support the Chinese Beidou navigation system

Apple iPhone 12 series may support the Beidou navigation system. Presently, iPhones are the only smartphones in China that do not support Beidou.ampvideo_youtubeGizchina.comYesterday

iPhone 12 series may support China’s BeiDou navigation system

New Apple iPhones may support China-based BeiDou navigation system in the global market, a new report has claimed.ampvideo_youtubeETTelecom.com11 hours ago

iPhone 12 series will reportedly support BeiDou navigation – comments

RN, 5 hours agowait, mid 90s!? Looks like I’ve been lost all this time to not knowing that.yup, China asked access to GPS in 90s to study topography of Kashmir …ampvideo_youtubeGSMArena.comYesterdayView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

Trump’s WeChat ban could devastate Apple’s Chinese business

Apple could be facing a ban from President Trump on WeChat, which could decimate its iPhone business in China and aggravate a trade war that could heavily …ampvideo_youtubeThe VergeYesterday

TikTok and WeChat ban rattles gaming industry

ampvideo_youtubeYahoo FinanceYesterday

TikTok To Sue Trump Administration On President’s Executive Order Ban

TikTok is planning to sue the Trump administration, challenging the president’s executive order banning the *service* from the United States. The video-sharing …ampvideo_youtubeNPRYesterday

Donald Trump’s version of ‘Great Firewall’ hurts American firms, too

The lengths to which United States President Donald Trump is willing to go to exclude Chinese technology from global markets seemingly knows no bounds.ampvideo_youtubeSouth China Morning Post3 hours agoOpinion

Trump’s TikTok, WeChat Ban Is Big Tech’s Problem, Too

The president’s move to outlaw the Chinese apps may invite retaliation and have negative ramifications for companies such as Apple and Facebook.ampvideo_youtubeBloombergYesterdayOpinionView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

Apple’s Radical MacBook Pro’s Missing Feature

It’s only natural that the geekerati are excited around Apple’s move to ARM-based processors. The first MacBooks with the new technology are expected later …ampvideo_youtubeForbesYesterday

With macOS Big Sur, Apple succeeds where Microsoft failed with Windows 8

macOS 11 Big Sur’s public beta is here, bringing some pretty radical design changes inspired by iOS and iPadOS. And, it reminds me of Microsoft and how it …ampvideo_youtubeTechRadar UKYesterday

How to use Control Center in MacOS Big Sur

Apple’s MacOS Big Sur introduces the Control Center, a new way to quickly change your Mac’s settings. Here’s how to get the most out of this handy new feature.ampvideo_youtubeDigital Trends5 hours ago

Making The Grade: When should IT departments release iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur for their device inventory?

Most tech communities spend the summer working through the iOS and macOS betas ahead of the fall releases. For something that’s been happening for the …ampvideo_youtube9to5MacYesterday

Top Stories: New 27-Inch iMac, macOS Big Sur Public Beta, No Microsoft xCloud for iOS

This week saw some big developments on both the hardware and software fronts, led by a significant update to the 27-inch iMac (but no redesign yet,…ampvideo_youtubeMacRumorsYesterdayView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

10 new tricks WatchOS 7 will soon bring to your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch ($399 at Apple) is learning some new tricks in WatchOS 7. Apple announced its latest software updates in June at its annual Worldwide …ampvideo_youtubeCNET13 hours agoPhoto Illustration by Doug Chayka; Photo: WireImage/Getty Images

How Tim Cook Made Apple His Own

The industrial engineer has turned Steve Jobs’s creation into a corporate colossus, delivering one of the most lucrative business successions in history.ampvideo_youtubeThe Wall Street Journal2 days ago

WSJ profile of Tim Cook offers new insight into the life and leadership style of the Apple CEO

A new profile from The Wall Street Journal offers an inside look at how Apple has evolved under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook. The report highlights the …ampvideo_youtube9to5MacYesterday

Tim Cook’s leadership laid bare in new WSJ profile

A new profile from The Wall Street Journal has revealed how Tim Cook made Apple his own, closely examining his leadership of the company.ampvideo_youtubeiMoreYesterday

Tim Cook’s leadership style has ‘reshaped how Apple staff work and think’

A new profile examines how Apple CEO Tim Cook, with “cautious, collaborative and tactical” leadership, honed the Cupertino tech giant into the world’s largest …ampvideo_youtubeAppleInsider2 days ago

New Profile of Apple CEO Tim Cook Offers Insight Into His Leadership Style: WSJ

A new profile examines how Apple CEO Tim Cook, with “cautious, collaborative and tactical” leadership, made Cupertino’s tech giant the world’s largest …ampvideo_youtubeiPhone in CanadaYesterdayView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_upplay_arrow

This week’s top stories: 2020 iMac details, iOS 14 beta changes, Phil Schiller’s new role, more

In this week’s top stories: iOS 14 beta 4 released to developers and public beta users, a new iMac, Phil Schiller’s new role at Apple, and much more. Read on for …ampvideo_youtube9to5Mac4 hours ago

Apple Loop: Expensive iPhone 12 Delay, iPad Finds Lockdown Success, Google’s MacBook Nightmare

This week’s Apple Loop includes the delay and the price increase to the iPhone 12, the success of the iPhone SE, the new Intel iMac, the MacBooks take on the …ampvideo_youtubeForbesYesterday

2020 5K 27-inch iMac Memory Upgrade – Save $2000 on 128GB!


Apple iMac 27-inch (2020) review

The 2020 version of the 27-inch iMac looks the same, but has beefier specs, a better webcam and a great screen.ampvideo_youtubeTom’s Guide9 hours ago

Apple’s New iMac: The Best Feature Is Completely Invisible

Apple released a new iMac this week, and it looks just like the old iMac. But like always, there’s a number of improvements under the hood, including better …ampvideo_youtubeForbesYesterdayOpinion

27-inch iMac teardown shows lack of storage upgrade options

A teardown of the 2020 27-inch iMac reveals Apple made a few changes to the internals to accommodate its removal of the mechanical hard drive, including the …ampvideo_youtubeAppleInsiderYesterdayView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: 5 features I wish Apple would copy for the iPhone 12

Commentary: The new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has the most ridiculous specs and features list of any phone currently available, and as an iPhone user, I’m jealous.ampvideo_youtubeCNET7 hours ago

First Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 software update adds several missing features

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has only been out for a few days, but it’s already received its first software update – and it’s a major one, adding key features …ampvideo_youtubeTechRadar8 hours ago

Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe the Mystic Bronze Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Mystic Bronze is absolutely stunning and the classiest color Samsung has ever put on a smartphone, and I’m sure you will agree. – SamMobile.ampvideo_youtubeSamMobile7 hours agoOpinion

The Galaxy Note 20 doesn’t come with headphones and that’s a good thing

Commentary: “I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.”ampvideo_youtubeCNET6 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ First Look Review

ampvideo_youtubeMobileTechReviewYesterdayView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

You’ll forget your AirPods with these 35 non-Apple headphones steals

Even if you’re not working in the office or a coffee shop for the time being, it’s still important to have a high-quality pair of headphones. While you may be able to …ampvideo_youtubeNew York Post 6 hours ago

35 amazing deals on headphones and earbuds this weekend

From listening to your boss talk about next quarter’s targets over Zoom to drowning out the world with your soothing playlists, you need a reliable pair of …ampvideo_youtubeMashable9 hours ago

15 Best Weekend Deals: Headphones, Phones, TVs, and More

We’ve only got so much time outside before it starts to get cold. We’ve collected deals from around the web on Bluetooth speakers, phones, and headphones …ampvideo_youtubeWIREDYesterday

Avantree Aria Me Wireless ANC Headphones Review – Adaptive Mid-Range Noise Cancelling Headphones At A Fair Price

Avantree’s new Aria Me bluetooth headphones offers ANC and adaptive audio profiles at $150 with some striking similarities to a certain Mu6 headset.ampvideo_youtubeWccftechYesterdayOpinion

Amazon Freedom Sale is live, check value-for-money Bluetooth headphones with long-lasting battery

Our top recommendations for the best value-for-money headphones with long-lasting battery on Amazon Freedom Sale.ampvideo_youtubeHT Tech8 hours agoView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

Apple won’t let Stadia or xCloud into iOS, citing App Store guidelines

Cloud gaming is increasingly becoming a thing, one that lets you play AAA games on a device regardless of the hardware specs. If your device can stream a …ampvideo_youtubeArs Technica2 days ago

Apple refuses to publish major apps from Microsoft, Google, Facebook – Business Insider

Apple refuses to publish major gaming apps from its tech rivals, and the fight just went public with major pushback from Microsoft and Facebook.ampvideo_youtubeBusiness Insider2 hours ago

Facebook joins Microsoft in criticizing Apple for app store business practices

ampvideo_youtubeYahoo FinanceYesterday

Apple Explains Why Microsoft’s xCloud Is Not on The App Store

Apple has provided a statement to explain its stance on why Microsoft’s xCloud and Google’s Stadia cloud game streaming services are not available in the App …ampvideo_youtubeWccftechYesterday

Xbox Fans Are Retaliating Against Apple Blocking xCloud on iOS Devices

Just last week, Apple officially announced that the company would not be allowing xCloud, Microsoft’s new game streaming *service* provided through Xbox …ampvideo_youtubeDualShockers4 hours agoView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

Apple Watch Series 6: Patent Reveals 1 Game-Changing Hardware Upgrade

A newly-revealed patent lets slip how one of the best features on the Apple Watch – Fall Detection – could be expanded in future models.ampvideo_youtubeForbesYesterday

Apple, Amazon and Google are all pretty bulletproof | Commentary

Washington lawmakers see their job as protecting the consumer first and foremost, while Brussels wants to make sure other companies are allowed to compete …ampvideo_youtubeSeattle Times4 hours ago

Game Of Thrones: Tale Of Crows Mobile Game Out Now From Devolver Digital

Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows is now available as an Apple Arcade exclusive. It comes from prolific indie developer and publisher Devolver Digital.ampvideo_youtubeScreen RantYesterday

Devolver Digital Releases Game Of Thrones: Tale Of Crows

Devolver Digital had a bit of a surprise for Apple Arcade fans today as Game Of Thrones: Tale Of Crows debuted on the platform.ampvideo_youtubeBleeding Cool News2 days ago

“Real Time Idle Game” Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows Available Now on Apple Arcade

Devolver Digital and developer That Silly Studio have announced the launch of “real time idle game” Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows. Set 8,000 years before …ampvideo_youtubeNiche Gamer2 days ago

Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows is a new mobile game from Fall Guys publisher Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital has released Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows, a new idle game for iOS and Apple Arcade that sees you take control of various Lords …ampvideo_youtubeGamesRadar+2 days agoView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_upplay_arrow

Hands-on with iOS 14: We downloaded the public beta so you don’t have to

The public beta of Apple’s new iPhone software is out. Here’s an early look at what’s coming in the fall, from widgets to App Clips and beyond.ampvideo_youtubeCNET11 hours agoplay_arrow

Give up WeChat or lose your iPhone? Chinese users brace for Trump ban’s impact

Apple customers worry WeChat could be pulled from app stories, leaving them with a dilemma.ampvideo_youtubeSouth China Morning PostYesterday

Why You Should Stop Sending SMS Messages—Even On Apple iMessage

Last month, I advised users to stop using Facebook Messenger and switch to its stablemate WhatsApp. The reason is simple—security. This led to people asking …ampvideo_youtubeForbesYesterdayplay_arrow

Apple Shares Vertical ‘Shot on iPhone’ Short Film by Damien Chazelle

Apple today shared a new video in its ongoing “Shot on iPhone” series, this time highlighting a short film that was captured by director Damien Chazelle, known …ampvideo_youtubeMacRumors4 days ago

Apple Vertical Cinema Ad Shot by Damien Chazelle on iPhone –

Damien Chazelle shot the Apple Vertical Cinema ad completely on an iPhone in a cinematic experiment on the filming potential for the iPhone 11.ampvideo_youtube/FILM3 days ago

Damien Chazelle Releases Short Film Shot in iPhone in Vertical Display

The “Whiplash” and “La La Land” director has released an experimental short film shot entirely on an iPhone in vertical display.ampvideo_youtubeIndieWire3 days ago

Damien Chazelle Tells a Hollywood Stuntman’s Story in This Charming 9-Minute Vertical Film

Damien Chazelle uses cutting-edge tech to celebrate old-school Hollywood in Apple’s latest big-budget “Shot on iPhone” campaign—directing a nine-minute, …ampvideo_youtubeMuse by Clio3 days ago

“Vertical Cinema” Is Apple’s Take On Hollywood

With Vertical Cinema, Apple is revisiting Hollywood’s greatest genres and how they might have looked in with vertical framing.ampvideo_youtubeWe are Social Media3 days agoView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

My Apple Watch saved my life: 5 people share their stories

No one noticed Toralv Østvang fall and hit his head on the bathroom floor that night, except for his Apple Watch. Kacie Anderson used her watch to get out of her …ampvideo_youtubeCNET10 hours agoplay_arrow

The coronavirus stimulus talks stall out, plus Samsung, Google, and Apple’s war for smartphone buyers: CNBC After Hours’s MacKenzie Sigalos brings you the day’s top business news headlines. On today’s show,’s Todd Haselton explains what the upcoming …ampvideo_youtubeCNBC2 days ago

Samsung, Google, And Apple’s War For Smartphone Buyers: CNBC After Hours

ampvideo_youtubeCNBC2 days ago

Samsung, Google, and Apple’s war for smartphone buyers’s MacKenzie Sigalos brings you the day’s top business news headlines. On today’s show,’s Todd Haselton explains what the upcoming …ampvideo_youtubeCNBCYesterdayView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_upThe model is exceptionally well detailed.

Recreating Early Apple Mice For The Modern Era

At a time when practical graphical user interfaces were only just becoming a reality on desktop computers, Apple took a leap of faith and released one of the first …ampvideo_youtubeHackaday4 hours ago

Vergecast: Samsung Unpacked, Google Pixel 4A review, and Apple’s new 27-inch iMac

Nilay, Dieter, Becca, Chris, and Dan discuss the products announced at Samsung’s virtual event this week as well as the Google Pixel 4A review, a new 27-inch …ampvideo_youtubeThe Verge2 days ago

Apple’s Surprise iPhone 12 Pro Upgrade Suddenly Confirmed

08/07 Update below. This post was originally published on August 04. We already have a lot of information about the (expanded) iPhone 12 line-up and (with …ampvideo_youtubeForbes2 days ago

iPhone 12 leak reveals release date surprise

If you’re getting whiplash from all of the iPhone 12 release date rumors, we don’t blame you. Because there’s yet a new report that contradicts something we …ampvideo_youtubeTom’s GuideYesterday

The iPhone 12 Pro models will reportedly be the last to go on sale

A new analyst report suggests the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 and the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Max will be the first to go on sale.ampvideo_youtubeTechRadar New ZealandYesterday

A supply issue won’t prevent Apple from shipping the iPhone 12 in October

Apple’s iPhone 12 release was pushed back a few weeks on account of the coronavirus. As a result, the new launch window for the iPhone 12 will likely be …ampvideo_youtubeBGR2 days ago

iPhone 12 faces major camera issue right before launch

Certain iPhone 12 models are reportedly susceptible to camera glass cracking, based on a report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.ampvideo_youtubeTom’s GuideYesterdayView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

This Apple product used to be terrible, but I now highly recommend it

Let’s talk about an Apple product that used to be so terrible that I suggest people avoid them like the plague, but have now become so good that I highly …ampvideo_youtubeZDNetYesterday

Stocks like PayPal & Apple will emerge from earnings season

Analysts see more upside in stocks like PayPal and Apple coming out of earnings season.ampvideo_youtubeCNBCYesterday

Stock-market bull, who called rally off March lows, now says S&P 500 overvalued by 5% to 10%

Stifel’s Barry Bannister says the stock market may be rallying on false hopes, while ignoring the danger of long-term economic damage and near-term risk.ampvideo_youtubeMSN MoneyYesterday

Wall Street Weekahead: Bargain-hunters look to U.S. real estate stocks as S&P nears records

As the S&P 500 approaches *fresh* highs, some investors hope to pick up bargains in the battered U.S. real estate sector, where values of some major stocks …ampvideo_youtubeYahoo Finance2 days ago

Wall Street Week Ahead: Bargain-hunters look to U.S. real estate stocks as S&P nears records

NEW YORK (Reuters) – As the S&P 500 approaches *fresh* highs, some investors hope to pick up bargains in the battered U.S. real estate sector, where values of …ampvideo_youtubeReuters2 days ago

S&P 500 ekes out 6th straight gain following jobs report

The S&P 500 inched up 2.12 points, or 0.1%, to 3351.28 to eke out a sixth straight gain, after being down most of the day. It’s back within 1% of its record for the …ampvideo_youtubeEconomic Times2 days agoView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

Apple launches public beta of macOS Big Sur, its biggest desktop OS update in years

The public beta of macOS Big Sur, the next major release of Apple’s Mac operating system, is now available. The new update brings a big visual overhaul to …ampvideo_youtubeThe Verge3 days ago

How to Install the macOS Big Sur Public Beta

Apple in August released the macOS Big Sur beta for its public beta testing group, allowing them to test out the new software for Macs ahead of its…ampvideo_youtubeMacRumors3 days ago

You can now try the macOS Big Sur public beta

Apple today made the first public beta of macOS Big Sur — version 11 of Apple’s desktop OS — a month after it did so for iOS and iPadOS 14. The update …ampvideo_youtubeThe Next Web3 days ago

macOS Big Sur: Learn about the user interface changes

With macOS 11 Big Sur, Apple takes the opportunity to refresh the Mac’s user interface. The changes aren’t dramatic—don’t worry, you’ll be able to use your Mac …ampvideo_youtubeMacworld2 days ago

Apple kicks off the macOS Big Sur public beta

Today, Apple released the first public beta build of its next big macOS feature update, called Big Sur. The OS update comes with some major design changes, …ampvideo_youtubeNeowin3 days agoView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

Google Pixel 4a vs. iPhone SE camera face-off: Which phone wins?

There are currently not one, but two devices to consider if you want the best cheap camera phone. We see how the Pixel 4a and iPhone SE compare in this …ampvideo_youtubeTom’s GuideYesterday

The Pixel 4a will have the longest life of any budget Android phone

The Pixel 4a has it goin’ on. It’s affordable, its camera is truly outstanding, and it’s got great battery life for a small phone. But Pixels come with.ampvideo_youtubeAndroid Police4 hours ago

This week’s top stories: Google+ lawsuit settlement, likely Pixel 5 launch date, Android 11 for OnePlus

In this week’s top stories: Google sends notices for a Google+ class action lawsuit settlement, the Pixel 5 may have gotten its launch date leaked, OnePlus …ampvideo_youtube9to5GoogleYesterday

Google preps secret smartwatch – we examine what that could mean

Speculation about a Google Pixel watch has been on-going for longer than we can remember, and the old rumor mill is cranking up again that Google could be …ampvideo_youtubeWareable5 hours ago

Google Pixel 4a review: All the phone you need, none of what you don’t

When the Pixel 3a launched at Google I/O 2019, it came closer budget smartphone perfection than any phone in the US had before. That is, until the iPhone.ampvideo_youtubeAndroid Police42 minutes agoOpinionView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

How to use Control Center on Apple Watch

You may not even have realized it was there, but your Apple Watch contains a Control Center with one-tap buttons for key functions — and you can customize it.ampvideo_youtubeAppleInsiderYesterday

HBO and Peacock indirectly make Apple TV the best streaming box

Apple released the Apple TV 4K in late 2017, along with annual updates to tvOS. There are rumors that a spec bump refresh is imminent, but an exact release …ampvideo_youtube9to5Mac2 days ago

Smart TVs are coming for Roku. Here’s why that’s a bad thing.

Smart TVs are eclipsing sales of stand-alone streaming devices. That’s not great for consumers.ampvideo_youtubeMashable2 days ago

Roku Customers Seethe Over Lack of HBO Max, Peacock on Platform

Some Roku customers are fuming over the streaming platform’s inability to secure deals that would bring in NBCUniversal’s Peacock and WarnerMedia’s HBO …ampvideo_youtubeCheddar3 days ago

Smart TVs You Can Get Peacock On | Screen Rant

If you haven’t tried the new Peacock streaming *service* yet, whether you actually can watch the movies and shows might depend on the smart TV you have.ampvideo_youtubeScreen Rant2 days agoView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

Apple and T-Mobile to Supply 1 Million iPads to California Students

Apple and T-Mobile are to supply students in California with up to one million iPads, according to a press release from the California Department of…ampvideo_youtubeMacRumors2 days ago

California school students are getting 1 million iPads for back-to-school

To support virtual learning programs in the fall, Apple and T-mobile are teaming up to provide up to one million discounted iPads for California’s neediest …ampvideo_youtubeAppleInsider2 days agoView Full Coverage

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