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Apple Vision Pro Takes Bengaluru by Storm: Netizens React!

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Apple Vision Pro Takes Bengaluru by Storm: Netizens React!

All heads on the streets of Bengaluru turned to see the new spectacle, the Apple Vision Pro. The latest device in the tech city created chatter among netizens when the image of a man wearing the new headset and trying out the virtual reality device went viral.

In the daily traffic and hustle and bustle of the busy city, a technician named Varun Mayya was captured on the streets of Indiranagar, navigating the sidewalk with the Apple Vision Pro. The device, which is Apple’s first 3D camera, was launched at early this year. It was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference last year.

Sharing the image on microblogging website TwitterMayya wrote “It has to be a moment @peakbengaluru.”

The post went viral almost immediately with internet users calling it the quintessential ‘peak Bengaluru’ moment. One user said she would run if she ever encountered a human with Vision Pro on the street. “Forget it, man, if I see a human like that in a public place, I’ll run away next second.”

While another user expressed concern about what lies ahead for ophthalmologists. “Ophthalmologists better be prepared for what’s coming.” Comments such as someone will take the device and warnings about potholes are also circulating on social media.

“Don't try Koramangala. It's full of potholes,” read one comment. “Whoever gets down will run away,” said another.

The Apple Vision Pro, priced at ₹2.8 lakh, is attracting attention not only for its advanced features but also for attracting daring adventurers who are making virtual experiences a reality. Its recent release on the streets of Bengaluru is not just a viral sensation; it underlines the city’s technological enthusiasm and thirst for innovation.

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