Google Reducing Video Quality of Nest Cams to Free-up Bandwidth

Google reduces the video quality offered by its Nest Cams, Techcrunch reported. He joins the list of companies, including Apple, and is taking steps to free up the bandwidth during the coronavirus outbreak. Indeed, Google property of YouTube has started to display standard definition videos for this purpose by default.

In an email to users, Google says it temporarily reduces the video quality of Nest Cams to limit the bandwidth used by each camera and in turn “save internet resources”. The adjustment will take place in the next few days, and Google reports that anyone with custom quality settings will receive a notification in the Nest app #.. While Nest cameras don’t inherently use more bandwidth than they would otherwise, any camera is already with good amount of daily bandwidth. A Nest Cam IQ for example uses about 400 GB of data per month at its highest parameters; reduce that to medium to high shaves up to 300 GB.

See: Google Lower video quality on Nest Cams to free up bandwidth

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