Hidden ‘CarKey’ privacy policy in iOS 13.6 beta hints at imminent release

Text related to the rumor that Apple’s “CarKey” feature was discovered buried in iOS 13.5.1 and the first beta of iOS 13.6, suggesting a launch may be just around the corner.

The feature, first proposed by code in iOS 13.4, would allow Apple users to convert their iPhones or Apple es into NFC digital keys for vehicles. These keys can be used to lock, unlock and even start a vehicle.

Although an exact launch schedule is not yet clear, the German site iPhone-ticker.de has noted the aforementioned privacy policy, which has been discovered in different versions of iOS 13.

While the information does not reveal any new details about “CarKey”, it does summarize how the feature works.

CarKey’s privacy policy will be published. Credit: iPhone-ticker.de

Users can add keys to their Wallet application by logging into their car manufacturer’s application or entering a pairing code in Wallet. From there, the keys are stored next to credit cards, cards, and other items in Wallet.

If successful, your device will send Apple a unique buyout token for the owner. Apple uses the buyout token, information about your Apple account and device, and your location at the time of delivery (if location services are activated) for fraud prevention. “Art.

Apple adds that users can share their car keys by pressing an invite button and selecting the level of access they want to grant to another user. This confirms the details first revealed in a series of screenshots released earlier in 2020.

As for the personal information stored or transmitted, Apple indicates that automakers can associate a user’s device ID with other information they have about a user. Apple has itself stated that it does not collect or store data about the use of the vehicle or the CarKey.

The same goes for key sharing data, with Apple stating that it “provides the automaker with information about the people with whom a pass is shared and the level of access granted.”

Apple will partner with automakers for this feature, so it could become an additional option for customers similar to CarPlay. Data from a leaked version of iOS 14 suggests that BMW is one of the first manufacturers to support “CarKey”.

“CarKey” uses biometric authentication such as Face ID and Touch ID to secure the keys, although there are signs of an “Express mode” allowing them to use without authentication.

Since the CarKey-related code was found in iOS 14, chances are the functionality will be revealed at the Apple WWDC 2020 virtual event on June 22.

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