How Nianitic is Working to Follow the Success of Pokémon Go

Following a hit is always difficult. Gamemaker Niantic liked it after the mega hit Pokémon Go. Company boss John Hanke told Bloomberg News how he was trying to make the next big thing.

“We are working hard on our gaming pipeline with a multi-year product roadmap of games and other AR experiences,” John Hanke, CEO of the San Francisco-based studio, told a group last week. from journalists. # “We are expanding the concept of what a Niantic game is in several ways,” he added, without further details. AR technology, which combines digital elements with real-world environments, is seen as one of the next big leaps in mobile technology and many companies are getting ready to take the opportunity. This includes Apple Inc., which according to Bloomberg News will integrate 3D cameras into this year’s iPhone generation, as is the case with the latest iPad Pro. Formerly a Google member of Alphabet Inc. – which has its own AR ambitions – Niantic is in charge of the most popular AR application in history with Pokémon Go.

See: How Nianitic works to track the success of Pokémon Go

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