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Mac Mini M1 34 ″ 2K UltraWide Monitor Problems

Mac Mini M1 34 ″ 2K UltraWide Monitor Problems

News Highlights: Mac Mini M1 34 ″ 2K UltraWide Monitor Problems

After some thought, I finally retired my beloved 2009 iMac 24 ″ for the new M1 Mac Mini.

I connected it to my Xiaomi Mi 34 ″ Ultrawide Monitor via Displayport, it works fine at full resolution (3440 × 1440) at 144Hz, no problem on this side.

The problem is, it seems like I can’t find a good color profile in the system settings to address a certain fog-like effect, the blacks are a bit gray. I’ve tried different setups, from Big Sur and from the monitor software, but the effect is always there. The only Big Sur profile that doesn’t look washed out is the Rec. ITU-R BT.709-5, with some tuning on the monitor side (contrast, black lever etc …). I can see this especially with dark mode, dark backgrounds and during the flurry screen saver, the areas that should be as black as possible are gray. On Windows, there is a similar screen saver and the blacks are deep as it should be.

The monitor works well, I also connected a PC via DP and the …

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