What Are ARM Processors And Why Does Apple Want Them in Macs?

While nothing has been confirmed, much is said about Apple wanting to integrate its own custom ARM processors into the following Macs. But what exactly is one, and why is Apple so eager to introduce them to Macs? iMore has a great explanation.

Apple designs its own processors and processor cores that implement the ARM instruction sets. The company’s work is completely personal, rather than a renovation of ARM processors. Theoretically, Apple could allow x86, the instruction set architecture used in Intel and AMD processors, to create custom desktop and laptop chips in this way, but the team is now familiar with ARM, and chips made with the ARM instruction set are Known for their lower power consumption compared to x86. This is one way of saying that the “ARM transition”, while a practical shortcut, doesn’t fully describe what we expect from future Macs. We expect that, just like the A series chips from iPhones, iPads and Apple TV, Apple’s Mac processors will be fully customized.

See: What are ARM processors and why does Apple want them on Macs?

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