Apple’s Greg Joswiak argues most people will keep iOS 12’s Screen Time on, change behavior

Greg Josweek, Apple’s vice president of marketing, in a recent podcast interview, “Screen Time”, one of the important features of iOS 12, allows users to get more information It is aimed to do. Access data that may affect behavior without imposing severe restrictions.

Joswiak told Arianna Huffington at “Thrive Global Podcast”. “When asking people how much they are using the device, they can only guess.”

“When asking how much you are using specific apps and categories, they can only guess,” he said. “Since I almost guarantee that the assumption is wrong, I wanted to provide users with actual information on the number of devices, applications, categories used, and the number of notifications.

Executives said he thought that most users would turn on screen time and control how iPhone and iPad would be used.

“For me it was impossible to imagine leaving the house in the morning without an iPhone, I think like most people,” Joswiak commented. “I thought it’s fascinating to open the screen time app and see where he spends time … this information helped me adapt to the behavior I wanted. I needed this information. ”

One of the features of Screen Time is that parents have the ability to monitor children and impose restrictions, but Joswiak suggested that parents can have “smart conversations” about usage before relying on strict rules .

Screen time should continue to evolve with future updates. Mr. Joswick said, “I know that more will be done over time.”

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