Apple#039;s Tim Cook peppers Twitter with shared photos shot on iPhone XS

Apple CEO Tim Cook shares images taken by three different photographers on Twitter as part of the weekend's blitz to promote the release of iPhone XS.

Pictures of Andrew Kearns beach I said Go straight out of the camera, there is no fix. Apple was accused of being deceived by technically sharing images shot on the iPhone, but was working on processing, adding lenses and other expensive equipment It was.

actually Fall Photo Those shared by Cook are recognized by Creator Erin Brooks to be published in Adobe Lightroom for iOS. This edition is the latest version, but it does not represent iPhone's default output. Brooks said that he utilized the adjustable depth of field effect of XS.

one more Share photos Yun Taro (Lu Yuntao Lu) photographed at Seattle's flight museum has been said to have demonstrated XS's smart HDR technology. Apple's HDR past enhancement will depend on more source pictures and help to prevent burst burst. As evidence, Lu contained almost the same image as the iPhone 6s Plus. There are many of the surface of the window exposed overexposed.

Apple relied on the quality of the camera to sell the iPhone for several years. Other upgrades for XS and XS Max include larger sensors and faster image processing.

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