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“Apple’s Next Big Thing: Mixed Reality Headset with High-End Screens!”

by Tech Desk
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According to a recent tweet from display analyst Ross Young, Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset is rumored to feature bright and pixel-dense displays. The device will reportedly be equipped with two 1.41-inch Micro OLED displays, each boasting an impressive 4,000 pixels per inch (ppi) and capable of exceeding 5,000 nits of brightness. This news has been reported by The Verge.

Young also tweeted that users will be able to see 4K resolution per eye on the headset. These high-end displays could make the device even more impressive than previously anticipated. As an additional factor to the advanced display technology, the headset is also rumored to include features like dial-out VR and advanced hand tracking. It can also be powered by an external battery.

The price for this new device may come as a shock to some consumers as it is expected to cost around $3,000. Despite its steep price tag, many tech enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating its release.

Apple is widely expected to unveil the headset at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2023. At WWDC, Apple may also showcase a larger 15-inch display option for the MacBook Air – a device that previously featured a standard 13-inch display. The internal M2 chip used in MacBook Air models released last year will likely be used in the new 15-inch MacBook Air.

It’s clear that Apple is pushing forward with their AR/VR ambitions and investing heavily into research and development in this area. With these cutting-edge displays and other advanced features included in their upcoming mixed reality headset, it seems they are poised to make a big splash in the market.

It is suggested that, we can expect more information about this exciting new product as we get closer to WWDC in June of 2023. For now, tech enthusiasts can only wait patiently for further updates from Apple about what promises to be one of their most exciting product launches yet.


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