ARM Tech Day- Rumours and Reality

ARM Tech Day- Rumours and Reality

Picks of the week and reviews to round everything out: EPOS H3 gaming headset, a JoshTEKK review on the IcyDock Dual-bay NVMe enclosure and even an open source VR OS. Special Spicy Guest slot goes to Kent Burgess this evening!

ARM tech day, rejoice! We discuss how advances in ARM are leading X86 in some areas, and wonder about the future. AMD is doing really well financially due to their technical achievements, and rumors of their upcoming Zen 5, code named Strix Point. Speaking of rumors, here comes the 3080ti? Probably yeah. Also how do eGPUs scale or do they? What does AMD do with “failed” XBOX boards, and just how “TOUGH” are Thermaltake’s new CPU air coolers?

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  • ARM Tech Day- Rumours and Reality
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