As part of National Engineers Week, the Chief Technology Officer of NSWC Philadelphia delivers a historical lecture

As part of National Engineers Week, the Chief Technology Officer of NSWC Philadelphia delivers a historical lecture

Dr. Eugene “Michael” Golda, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Navy Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division, spoke about the history of NSWCPD on February 22, 2023 as a part of National Engineers Week.

Adam “Scott” Freedner, NSWCPD Chief Engineer, provided the opening remarks to help the lecture get started.

“‘Building the Future’ is the topic of this year’s event, and I can’t think of a better way to sum up the work and successes of our engineers here in Philadelphia and all throughout the country. Together, we provide the technologies and goods needed to increase our advantage over our adversaries for present and future warfighters, added Freedner.

“Whether it be maintaining the readiness of the nation’s present carriers, submarines, and surface fleet, delivering critical system modernization, or investigating, developing, and testing future technologies,” he continued. The entire Naval business appreciates your contributions.

In her opening remarks for the ceremony, Freedner also honored Chris Heckman, the newest engineering employee, and Dan Miller, the engineer with the NSWCPD with the longest tenure.

In his opening remarks, Golda paid tribute to Capt. David Brant McGuigan (Ret), the first Commanding Officer of the Navy Ship Systems Engineering Station (NAVSSES), the precursor to the Philadelphia Division, by dedicating his gift to his memory.

“Captain McGuigan was this organization’s most fierce advocate, hands down. He formed a team that established many of the traditions we don’t even think about today but are a part of our DNA, Golda said. “He stood up the Navy Ships Systems Engineering Station when it was nothing more than a single block on a PowerPoint presentation down at headquarters,” Golda said.

The way we view supporting the fleet, he continued. the method in which we view innovation. how we see taking on challenges. Those can be directly attributed to Captain McGuigan.

As he began his remarks, Golda made a connection between the history of NSWCPD and the theme of this year’s National Engineers Week.

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