As per the leaks, iPhone 13 could get this feature of Android

As per the leaks, iPhone 13 could get this feature of Android

The iPhone 13 series may be the first time we see Apple debut a 120Hz refresh rate screen on its flagship phones, and the latest leak suggests it will come to both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The new information comes from reliable source DigiTimes, which says that Apple’s suppliers are switching to different screen technologies for certain models of the upcoming iPhone.

What is a 120Hz refresh rate? It essentially means that your phone’s screen is refreshed 120 times per second, giving you a smoother picture when playing games or scrolling through social media feeds. All current iPhone models have 60Hz screens.

According to this new report, Apple’s screen suppliers are moving to a new low-power LTPO OLED technology, which would be the right technology to offer Apple a 120Hz screen refresh rate.

Before its launch, Apple’s iPhone 12 series was rumored to have this technology, but it did not materialize. It is believed that this is because the company did not think it could make the technology work without seriously affecting battery life. According to rumors, Apple has improved the power efficiency of the iPhone 13 Pro series by 15-20% – which is likely due to the upcoming A15 chipset – so the company thinks the time is right.

A 120Hz refresh rate consumes more battery than a 60Hz screen, so it may be that Apple is using this new efficiency to justify the move to higher specs for its display.

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