August 2021 Wish List for Xbox Games With Gold

August 2021 Wish List for Xbox Games With Gold

It is already half of the month, which means that all of July’s Xbox Games with Gold, including the extra one Microsoft released, are available to download. July’s Free Games with Gold did capture some interest, mostly due to the nostalgia brought by Conker for the original Xbox.

In anticipation of Microsoft’s August Xbox Games with Gold reveal, here is a wish list of games that would be perfect for next month’s roster.

However, some fans were still disappointed with July’s roster, which isn’t surprising since rumors have surfaced that Microsoft is planning on shutting down Xbox Live Gold. At this point, the shut down of Xbox Live Gold makes sense given Microsoft has already made it clear it is more committed to Xbox Game Pass. But, before that happens, here’s a wish list of Free Games with Gold for August 2021.

Gone Home (Xbox One)
Gone Home – Story Heavy Games Like Silent Hill
Headlining this wish list is Gone Home, a first-person exploration game developed by The Fullbright Company. Gone Home puts players in control of Katie, whose family moved to a new house that she had never seen before. However, upon arriving and expecting to see them, she is surprised to find herself alone. Players guide Katie as she searches the house for answers and clues about her family’s whereabouts. But in doing so, she learns many things about her sister Sam.

Since its release in 2013, Gone Home received glowing reviews from fans and critics thanks to its engaging narrative and haunting atmosphere. While the game is short and can be beaten in just a couple of hours, the quality of its storytelling compensates for its length, and the developers strongly suggest that players finish it in one sitting.

Oxenfree (Xbox One)

Next up is Oxenfree, a supernatural mystery adventure game developed by Night School Studio. It is no secret that Oxenfree often makes lists as one of the best indie games on the Xbox One thanks to its memorable cutscenes, beautiful dialogue, and a meaningful choice system that often has players restarting the game to make different decisions.

Oxenfree revolves around Alex and her friends as they find themselves on an island, experiencing events that can only be explained as supernatural. In a recent interview with Game Rant, Night School co-founder Adam Hines discussed Oxenfree and its impact five years later. Hines shared that he thinks the game’s reliability is the element that helped Oxenfree’s longevity, and is why players are still finding the game five years later. A sequel is also in development.

Slender: The Arrival (Xbox 360) During the late 2000s, the world was consumed with creepypastas, which are horror stories or urban legends copied and pasted around the Internet. One such creepypasta is Slender Man, which became the primary inspiration of Slender: The Arrival. It is worth remembering that Slender: The Arrival is a fully-realized version of Slender: The Eight Pages, with The Arrival’s Chapter six being a complete remake of The Eight Pages.

During its release in 2014, Slender: The Arrival received some positive reviews thanks to its soundtrack, tense atmosphere, and memorable scares. Although its campaign was noted to be short and sometimes repetitive, it is still considered a good game, especially for fans of Slender Man. Super Meat Boy (Xbox 360)

Last is Super Meat Boy, a platform game released in 2010 by Team Meat. The game puts players in control of the titular Meat Boy, a red, cube-shaped fellow who is on a quest to find rescue his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the evil Dr. Fetus. Overall, Super Meat Boy checks all the boxes one could expect from a platform game, but with a more brutal vibe complete with a funny cast of characters and an interesting story. The sequel to Super Meat Boy called Super Meat Boy Forever was just released on PS4 and Xbox One last April.

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