Amazon Web Services Creates 500 Jobs In Germany

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced Monday the creation of 500 jobs in Germany and the opening of a new office in Munich, which will illustrate what cloud computing can bring to potential customers of the largest economy in Europe. AWS, which is based on technology that leverages Amazon’s e-commerce platform, is gaining importance in Germany after addressing the privacy concerns that have caused many manufacturing companies to keep their servers on-site.

“These customers have overcome these compliance and security constraints and are now in a catch-up mode,” said Klaus Buerg, Managing Director of AWS, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

“Because of this kind of coercion, habit, and behavior in the past, they are now working more as a quick follower than a favorite,” he told Reuters in an interview.

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AWS has received a cloud computing security certification from the German Cybersecurity Authority, guaranteeing data security, even if they are hosted on remote servers located outside the country. AWS sets up a Digital Builders showroom in its Munich office, in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group, which will provide hands-on application demonstration opportunities to potential customers.

The new jobs at AWS are among the 2,800 jobs already announced in Germany by Amazon and will be dispersed in its business and research units in Germany, Buerg said.