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Axel Springer and Connatix Join Forces to Revolutionize Video Engagement

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Axel Springer and Connatix Join Forces to Revolutionize Video Engagement

According to the sourceAxel Springer SE, a global technology and media company, has announced a long-term partnership with Connatix, a leading video technology company. This collaboration aims to enhance online video engagement and improve digital monetization for Axel Springer’s media brands.

The partnership between Axel Springer and Connatix highlights both companies’ dedication to building an innovative and sustainable business model for quality digital journalism. By leveraging Connatix’s cutting-edge technology, Axel Springer aims to generate new revenue opportunities for its publishers while ensuring their financial viability and competitiveness in the digital age.

Initially, this partnership will focus on Axel Springer’s German media brands, including WELT and BILD. With Connatix’s integrated player, ad server, and sharing capabilities, these media brands will be able to grow and optimize their video strategies. Additionally, they can generate additional revenue by utilizing Connatix’s video solutions to enable advertisers to precisely target their campaigns towards contextually relevant content.

Connatix offers several benefits to Axel Springer through its technology. These include access to leading demand-side platforms (DSPs), cookie-free contextual targeting, and transparent reporting. By leveraging these tools, Axel Springer can enhance digital video monetization for its media brands through Media Impact and Ad Alliance.

Bill Swanson, Senior Vice President of EMEA at Connatix, expressed excitement about partnering with Axel Springer—one of the world’s leading digital publishers—and working together towards driving the future of digital publishing using best-in-class video technology.

This news also signifies Connatix’s expansion overseas as global demand for its video solutions continues to grow. With investments in video innovation and cookieless targeting, Connatix has built relationships with prominent publishers and advertisers across the UK and continental Europe.

Axel Springer is a media and technology company that operates in over 40 countries. Through its various media brands and classified advertising portals, Axel Springer provides information to enable people to make informed decisions for their lives. The company has successfully transformed from a traditional print media company into Europe’s leading digital publisher and aims to become the world market leader in digital content and digital classified ads.

Connatix is a video technology company that empowers publishers with simple, empowering, and inspiring solutions. Their proprietary full-stack platform helps publishers deliver, monetize, analyze, and create videos while providing advertisers with premium video inventory and precise Deep Contextual targeting. Connatix currently works with over 350 publisher groups globally and has been recognized as an AdExchanger Programmatic Power Player for two consecutive years.

The consequence, the partnership between Axel Springer SE and Connatix signifies a significant step towards improving online video engagement and digital monetization for Axel Springer’s media brands. By leveraging Connatix’s cutting-edge technology, Axel Springer aims to enhance revenue generation while ensuring the financial viability of its publishers. This collaboration highlights both companies’ commitment to building an innovative business model for quality digital journalism in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


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