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Baton Systems Revolutionizes Securities Finance with Cutting-Edge Settlement Orchestration Platform

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Baton Systems Revolutionizes Securities Finance with Cutting-Edge Settlement Orchestration Platform

It is disclosed that, Fintech Baton Systems has recently launched Core-Payments, an automated settlement orchestration platform. This innovative platform aims to revolutionize the way cash settlements are tracked and reconciled, providing clients with real-time, end-to-end, automated control.

One of the key features of Core-Payments is its ability to automatically track and reconcile incoming cash settlements. This eliminates the need for manual intervention in reconciliation processes and reduces operational costs. By using distributed ledger technology, the platform accelerates the completion of key functions and ensures accurate and efficient settlement processes.

To add to that to tracking incoming settlements, Core-Payments also allows clients to configure outgoing cash payments according to specific rules and real-time data. This level of customization ensures that payments are released in a manner that suits individual requirements while considering factors such as counterparty settlement risk exposure and funding requirements.

The platform offers various modules including visualization, pre-settlement clearing and affirmation, controlled settlement, and analytics. All these modules are accessible through a user-friendly set of interfaces. Data input and output are facilitated through APIs and integration protocols.

It is worth noting that Core-Payments was developed prior to the implementation of T+1 in the US and Canada in May 2024. With regulators emphasizing greater control and oversight of settlements, market participants must prepare themselves for any increase in liquidation risk associated with this transition. Alex Knight, EMEA Director at Baton Systems highlights this by stating: “Legacy processes for monitoring and managing settlement risk have stifled industry progress.”

Adopting solutions like Core-Payments can be seen as a pragmatic first step towards managing risk effectively while operating more efficiently. The benefits include reduced costs, increased counterparty footprint, meeting regulatory requirements more effectively, all while providing excellent customer service.

The supposition, Fintech Baton Systems’ launch of Core-Payments brings forth an advanced solution for automating settlement orchestration within the financial industry. By leveraging distributed ledger technology, the platform streamlines cash settlement processes, reduces operational costs, and ensures accurate and efficient control over settlements. With the impending transition to T+1, market participants need to be proactive in adopting innovative solutions like Core-Payments to address increased liquidation risk effectively.

Source: Securities Finance Times

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