Best new mobile games on iOS and Android – January 2021 round-up

Best new mobile games on iOS and Android – January 2021 round-up

Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon iOS, Apple Arcade (Cornfox & Brothers)

After the culinary and video game excesses of the Christmas season, January always feels like something of a comedown. Luckily your mobile’s got your back with a joyous mixture of weirdness and quality, whether you enjoy the potent retro appeal of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2, or the rank insanity of There is No Game: Jam Edition and Death Pool.

Oceanhorn and its sequel were Zelda clones that managed to replicate its looks but singularly failed to capture either its magic or spirit of invention. Chronos Dungeon keeps the pixel art but this time transposes it to a dungeon crawling roguelite.

Clusterduck iOS & Android, £Free (PikPok)

Clusterduck is an idle tapper that has you hatching a succession of waterfowl, trying to generate rare, and ideally legendary or exotic mutations, of their heads, wings and bodies, all of which err on the side of comedy.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords iOS & Android, £14.99 (Aspyr)

Set thousands of years before the films, and five years after the first Knights Of The Old Republic, the sequel takes its conversation-rich action-RPG-with-consequences in a darker, but no less fascinating direction.

There Is No Game: Jam Edition iOS & Android, £Free (Draw Me A Pixel)

Starting with the stern warning that this is not a game, you soon discover that your actions on screen have an immediate and amusing effect on its grumpy narrator. Warp Drive iOS, Apple Arcade (Supergonk)

Drawing its inspiration from WipEout, Warp Drive’s quad rotor racers skim around its looping, cel-shaded tracks in similar style. The difference is that while you can still drift and boost, instead of weapons you teleport into competitors, spinning them out for a few seconds. Death Pool Android, £Free (Game Toilet)

While there are many pool games available for mobile devices, Death Pool distinguishes itself by making your primary concern not how many shots you take, but the countdown timers on its sticks of dynamite and highly combustible pool balls. Million Dungeon iOS & Android, £4.99 (Boke Technology)

Million Dungeon is a strange and delightful blend of match-three puzzler, role-playing game, and roguelike, with the hero you choose for each run affecting tactical and conversational choices on your adventure. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead iOS & Android, £4.99 (Headup)

As video game crossovers go, Bridge Constructor x The Walking Dead is certainly one of the more surreal. In this outing, you deploy the usual mix of wooden planks, steel girders, and cables to span gaps, but this time it’s spiced up with light story elements.

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