Best Samsung earbuds

Best Samsung earbuds

While most Samsung earbuds today are totally portable and feature wireless charging cases and Bluetooth connectivity, others may prefer a variety of wired Samsung earbuds — both of which can be found from the trusted audio tech brand. While Samsung Galaxy earbuds offer a range of options for true wireless headphone users, others can find affordable options in wired and wireless varieties.
Considerations when buying earbuds
Audio features like noise cancellation and ambient awareness

Many of today’s best earbuds can be found within just about any budget, even from trusted brands like Samsung. Whether you’re looking for cheap earbuds that get the job done or for your next upgraded pair of earbuds, there are a range of options to choose from.

Noise-canceling earbuds use microphones and external speakers on the headphone to actively cancel out the noises coming in from your surroundings. While this technology is not new, it also isn’t featured in every Bluetooth headphone model – although it does create an enjoyable listening experience.

Today’s best earbuds also feature technology that focuses the user’s attention on surrounding noise when needed – making them perfect for trips on airplanes or in situations where you need to remain aware. For Samsung, this is called Ambient Awareness, meaning that the earbuds actively use the microphone to raise the volume of the user’s surroundings when alerts or other loud circumstances occur.

Waterproof rating

Certain products are rated for water resistance and waterproofing altogether. Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro model has garnered an IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning it can be submerged completely in water up to one meter deep for half an hour. Others, however, are simply water-resistant, meaning that they won’t be damaged from lightweight sweat, rain or indirect contact conditions.
True wireless vs. wired

While most headphone buyers can find affordably-priced earbuds that feature Bluetooth or wireless technology, others may want wired headphones for one reason or another. Those with specific devices that have headphone jacks or certain USB ports can also find specialized wired earbuds that should do the trick.
Best Samsung earbuds
Best of the best Samsung earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds: available at Amazon

Our take: Samsung’s flagship earbuds feature excellent audio, an IPX7 waterproof rating and three translucent colors. What we like: Featuring intelligent active noise cancellation, IPX7 waterproof rating makes them sweat- and weather-resistant as well. These are super compatible with other Samsung Galaxy devices, and touch music control lets the user control playback and volume settings seamlessly. Includes a wireless charging case.

What we dislike: These earbuds work better with Samsung or Android phones and tablets.
Best bang for your buck Samsung earbuds Samsung Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds: available at Amazon

Our take: These are the lowest-priced of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds line, offering excellent audio quality and are available in a pearlescent silver or a sleek black. What we like: These affordable buds feature Quick Ambient mode, which lets the user hear their surroundings when needed. Available in black or silver, they come with a portable charging case and work seamlessly with Samsung’s Galaxy devices.

What we dislike: These earbuds are not rated for water resistance.
Best Samsung earbuds Samsung Galaxy Buds+ True Wireless Earbuds: available at Amazon

Our take: Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ feature true wireless capabilities and excellent audio quality at a reasonable price. What we like: Affordable on their own or purchased as a bundle with a wireless charger. Up to 22 hours of audio playtime with the use of the wireless charging case. Includes Ambient Aware system for staying aware of your surroundings. Available in black, red, white and cloud blue.

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