News » Technology News » Boeing plans to retest Starliner flight after botched mission; Science platform ResearchGate launches COVID-19 community and more

Boeing plans to retest Starliner flight after botched mission; Science platform ResearchGate launches COVID-19 community and more

by Rahul Chauhan
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Below is a summary of the current scientific news overviews.

Science platform ResearchGate launches COVID-19 community

ResearchGate, a social networking site for scientists and researchers, has launched a new forum to facilitate collaboration between COVID-19 experts in research into fighting the flu-like illness caused by the new coronavirus. Developed in 10 days and launched late last week, the site improves the visibility of articles, prepresses and research proposals, and provides an expert finder to help build international or interdisciplinary project teams.

Fossil teeth provide the oldest genetic material from extinct human species

Scientists have extracted the oldest human genetic material ever obtained from tooth enamel to clarify the crucial place in the human evolutionary lineage of a mysterious extinct species called Homo predecessor known from Spanish cave fossils. The researchers said they obtained genetic material from an 800,000-year-old Homo predecessor molar excavated near the village of Atapuerca in northern Spain and from a 1.77 million-year-old molar from another extinct human species, Homo erectus, found near the city of Dmanisi in Georgia.

Boeing plans to retest the Starliner flight after a failed mission

Boeing Co said on Monday that it would send its Starliner astronaut spacecraft to the International Space Station on another unmanned mission, months after the last flight was canceled due to a software bug. During the December test, a series of software issues and an issue with the spacecraft’s automatic timer prevented Starliner from docking at the space station and returning to Earth a week earlier.

Russian space agency says Trump is paving the way to seize other planets

Russian space agency Roscosmos accused Donald Trump on Tuesday of creating a base to take over other planets by signing an executive injunction outlining U.S. policy on commercial mining in space. The implementing decision, which Roscosmos said harmed the space for international cooperation in space, was signed Monday.

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