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“Breaking: 5 Game-Changing Channel Partner and MSP Updates for May 8, 2023!”

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“Breaking: 5 Game-Changing Channel Partner and MSP Updates for May 8, 2023!”

As the world continues to navigate the ongoing pandemic, the job market and worker productivity are experiencing mixed signals. According to CompTIA’s Tech Jobs Report for April, technology companies added 18,795 workers during the month, but across the economy as a whole, tech occupations declined by 99,000 positions. Meanwhile, employer job postings for tech positions topped 300,000 in April. This shows that while there is growth in some areas of the job market, there are also challenges in others.

Another concerning trend is the recent drop in worker productivity in the United States. For five consecutive quarters now, worker productivity has been falling due to factors such as inflation and burnout. The flexible work arrangements that many companies have implemented during the pandemic may also be contributing to this decline. Some speculate that this news may prompt CEOs to increase their efforts to end work-from-home arrangements.

In more positive news for businesses and workers alike, Salesforce recently launched Slack GPT – an update to its collaboration platform that natively integrates conversational AI into Slack. This new feature will allow users to leverage secure customer data insights from Customer 360 and Data Cloud while using different language models and generative AI application integrations. The aim of Slack GPT is to make every organization more productive by unlocking CRM and conversational data’s power.

To finalize things, Resilinc – a supply chain mapping, disruption detection and resiliency analysis company – recently received a strategic growth investment from Vista Equity Partners. The private equity firm focuses on enterprise software, data and technology-based businesses. Resilinc plans on using this growth capital to accelerate product innovation talent and go-to-market functions so it can meet growing demand for more resilient sustainable secure transparent supply chains.

Clearly these developments show that despite ongoing challenges brought about by COVID-19 pandemic there are still opportunities for businesses looking towards technological solutions as well as those willing to invest time into developing more sustainable supply chains or better worker arrangements. According to sources close to the news, businesses can stay on top of these trends by attending relevant tech conferences for MSPs, IT channel partners and more.


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