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“Breaking Barriers: Chinese Researchers Propel Into Ultra-High-Speed Communication with 6G Technology”

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Chinese Researchers Make Breakthrough in Ultra-High-Speed Communication with 6G Technology

As per information from the source, a team of Chinese researchers have reportedly achieved ultra-high-speed communication with the first real-time wireless transmission of 6G technology.

Terahertz Communication Technology

The new media reports reveal that the research team from the Second Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation used terahertz orbital angular momentum communication technology. Terahertz refers to a frequency range between 100 GHz and 10 THz on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Real-Time Wireless Transmission

In the experiment, the team used a special antenna to generate four different beam patterns at a frequency of 110 GHz. Using those patterns, they achieved real-time wireless transmission at a speed of 100 gigabits per second in a 10 GHz bandwidth, significantly increasing the efficiency of bandwidth usage.

Potential Applications

The new 6G mobile transmission technology is said to be 10 to 20 times faster than existing 5G services. In the future, this technology can also be applied to short-range broadband transmission fields, supporting high-speed communication between lunar and Martian landers, spacecraft, and within spacecraft themselves.

Terahertz Communication Technology

Because of its higher frequency, terahertz communication can carry more information and allows for faster data transfer speeds. It has attracted significant attention for its potential in 6G communications, high-speed Internet, and secure communications, such as in complex military environments. In the future, maximum communication speeds with 6G are expected to reach one terabit per second.


The team’s achievement marks an important milestone in the race towards ushering in a new era of wireless high-speed connectivity. This breakthrough development raises exciting possibilities for scientists and technology experts worldwide, and the implications of terahertz communication technology are set to revolutionize a range of industries.


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