News » Technology News » Bricks and Agent revolutionizes property maintenance with cloud technology and AI: Microsoft Australia News Centre

Bricks and Agent revolutionizes property maintenance with cloud technology and AI: Microsoft Australia News Centre

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Bricks and Agent revolutionizes property maintenance with cloud technology and AI: Microsoft Australia News Centre

Collaborative Partnership Leads to Rapid Growth for Bricks and Agent with Microsoft

Bricks and Agent, a property maintenance platform, has achieved unprecedented success in the past few years, thanks to its collaboration with Microsoft. According to Rafael Niesten, Co-founder of Bricks and Agent, Microsoft has been an integral part of their growth story. Microsoft’s suite of managed services has led to significant competitive differentiation for Bricks and Agent, enabling them to focus on development, rather than worrying about patching infrastructure.

Participating in the Microsoft ScaleUp program in 2018 allowed Bricks and Agent to validate its proof of concept, save on infrastructure costs, and try new things. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Bricks and Agent redesigned its entire platform to make it easier for customers to use. By leveraging Microsoft’s AI and machine learning capabilities, they rewrote their platform from the ground up to deliver a simplified, user-friendly experience. As a result of these efforts, the company achieved 185% revenue growth in fiscal FY22, tripled its user base to over 1.3 million in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, and won the Most Innovative Expansion award in the Property and Facilities Management category at the Proptech Association Australia’s 2022 Proptech Awards.

Bricks and Agent has also partnered with hypages to build an online marketplace of more than 50,000 exchanges. The startup’s customers now include major real estate and property management firms such as Belle Property, First National, Harcourts, Jones Lang LaSalle, LJ Hooker, Meriton, and Raine & Horne.

The company has integrated its platform with those of other property inspection and management software providers, including MRI Software’s Property Tree and Palace (NZ), as well as Property Me, Console Cloud, VaultRe, Reapit, and Inspection Manager. Bricks and Agent is eager to collaborate with other integrated partners in similar verticals and use Microsoft’s constantly evolving capabilities and technologies to add value and avoid creating communication silos.

In conclusion, Bricks and Agent’s success story is a testament to the power of collaboration and a forward-thinking approach to technology. By partnering with Microsoft and taking advantage of its suite of managed services, AI and machine learning capabilities, the company has been able to grow rapidly and become a leading player in the property maintenance industry. As per information from the source, Microsoft continues to innovate and release new technologies, and Bricks and Agent is poised to leverage them to continue its impressive growth trajectory.


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