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“Broadridge and Linedata Team Up to Revolutionize Asset Servicing Tech”

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“Broadridge and Linedata Team Up to Revolutionize Asset Servicing Tech”

Broadridge and Linedata Expands Partnership to Automate Back-Office Functions

Broadridge, a leading provider of investor communications solutions, has expanded its partnership with Linedata, a well-known provider of software and services to the global financial services industry. The objective of the partnership is to automate back-office and back-office functions to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize risk.

Broadridge’s NYFIX Matching Solution and Linedata’s Order Management System Come Together

As part of the extended partnership, Broadridge’s NYFIX Matching solution will be integrated directly with Linedata’s Order Management System (OMS), powered by its Asset Management Platform (AMP). This integration will enhance post-trade matching capabilities for Linedata Longview OMS clients who will be able to use Broadridge’s NYFIX matching solution.

Post-trade processing has long been a manual and error-prone process, but with NYFIX, Broadridge can provide a streamlined post-deal workflow that can help mitigate many of the risks associated with manual processing. George Rosenberger, General Manager of NYFIX, Broadridge, said that “our partnership with Linedata represents our mutual commitment to offer an optimized post-trade matching service to the broadest customer base.”

Broadridge’s New Trading Solution and LTX Relationship

Recently launched, Broadridge’s newest trading solution is designed to improve STP rates and efficiencies throughout the trading lifecycle. The solution will also enable clients to make better decisions by providing pre-trade insights. The launch comes in the same week as the expanded partnership with Linedata.

Broadridge’s relationship with LTX was also featured in a recent interview with LTX CEO Jim Kwiatkowski, as per information from the source.

Linedata Focuses on Providing Efficient Workflows for Customers

Linedata’s commitment to providing flexible and innovative OMS capabilities that expand choice for its customers is highlighted by Bob Moitoso, Director of North American Asset Management at Linedata. Moitoso says, “in today’s volatile market environment, Linedata continues to focus on driving value and efficiencies in our customers’ workflows. Broadridge is proving to be a key partner for us.”

The collaboration between Broadridge and Linedata is a remarkable example of the industry’s commitment to automation and innovation in the back-office space. With both companies being market leaders in their respective fields, this partnership has the potential to enhance the customer experience in terms of cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and reduced risks.

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