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Broadridge Empowers Clients with Swift’s Transaction Screening Service and Securities View Access

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Broadridge Empowers Clients with Swift’s Transaction Screening Service and Securities View Access

It is alleged to be, Broadridge has announced that it has signed up its first customers for Swift’s Transaction Discovery and Securities Display Service. This move is expected to provide financial firms and corporate treasuries with improved sanctions compliance optimization and enhanced tracking of securities lifecycles.

Broadridge, a global service provider, has enrolled clients in both Swift’s transaction detection service and the recently launched Securities View service. By utilizing Broadridge connectivity for these services, companies will be able to streamline their processes and ensure efficient compliance with sanctions screening regulations.

Sanctions screening regulations can often be complex and subject to frequent changes. Many companies struggle to keep up with constantly evolving lists of sanctioned organizations and individuals, leading to inefficient and time-consuming processes. However, by connecting its customers to Swift’s transaction verification service, Broadridge aims to provide direct access to a centrally managed system that promotes accuracy and efficiency in transaction verification and sanctions list management.

Additionally, Swift Securities View allows companies to gain an end-to-end view of their securities settlement transactions. This enables them to identify and resolve exceptions promptly, thereby increasing settlement efficiency while reducing exposure to late settlement penalties.

TÜV Rheinland, a global leader in independent inspection services, is one of the first Broadridge customers to sign up for the Transaction Screening Service. This demonstrates the value that financial institutions place on improving their compliance capabilities through innovative solutions like those offered by Broadridge.

Darren Holdstock, Global Director of Complementers at Swift, expressed his satisfaction with extending these benefits to more institutions through Broadridge’s connectivity. The Transaction Screening Service provides secure verification of incoming and outgoing messages against updated sanctions lists. On the other hand, Swift Securities View offers end-to-end visibility into securities transactions which allows market participants to quickly identify trades at risk of failure.

Heidi Dittmar, Head of Broadridge’s Swift Services Business emphasized their commitment as an accredited partner enabling technology API services for financial firms globally. She stated that Broadridge has a long history of empowering leading financial firms and corporate treasury organizations through access to outsourced Swift services. As Swift continues to invest in advancing its services, it is crucial for Broadridge to respond promptly to ensure maximum business value for its clients.

The final word, the collaboration between Broadridge and Swift’s Transaction Discovery and Securities Display Service marks an important step towards improving sanctions compliance and securities lifecycle tracking for financial institutions and corporate treasuries. By leveraging these services, companies can enhance their efficiency, reduce exposure to risks, and stay up-to-date with evolving regulations.

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