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Burnley FC Scores Big in E-commerce: Powering Ahead with Visualsoft Partnership

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Burnley FC Scores Big in E-commerce: Powering Ahead with Visualsoft Partnership

English Premier League football club Burnley FC has recently partnered with e-commerce provider Visualsoft to enhance its online retail operations and improve the Surprisingly customer experience. As a prestigious football club with a rich history and passionate fan base, Burnley FC recognized the need to upgrade its e-commerce platform in order to better serve its fans and expand its international reach.

Visualsoft has designed and launched a new eCommerce site for Burnley FC, revitalizing the customer journey. The new platform offers seamless search, browsing, and checkout processes, providing fans with an enhanced shopping experience. Moreover, innovative e-commerce solutions and partner technology integrations have been implemented to offer a wider range of choices to fans and significantly increase online sales.

The previous retail website of Burnley FC did not engage customers effectively, resulting in lower sales figures. By collaborating with Visualsoft, the club aimed to revamp its online presence and tap into its growing retail potential.

This partnership with Visualsoft has laid a solid foundation for the future development of Burnley FC. Hamish Wilson, Chief Strategy Officer at Burnley FC stated that they are already working on further updates to the siteincluding personalized shopping experiences for international fans. Their goal is to double online sales and have 50% of total retail sales come from their eCommerce platform. With enhancements delivered by Visualsoft so far, Burnley FC is getting closer to achieving these ambitious goals.

Throughout the project, Visualsoft developers, project managers, and principals worked closely with Burnley FC to ensure a smooth implementation process. Despite some challenges along the way, the project was completed ahead of schedule before major retail events such as end-of-season sale and kit launches.

Antony Hoyland, Vice President of Business Development at Visualsoft expressed delight in partnering with such an iconic club like Burnley FC. He emphasized their commitment to helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape and looks forward to witnessing what lies ahead for this storied yet forward-thinking and innovative football club.

The essence, Burnley FC’s partnership with Visualsoft has allowed the club to enhance its online retail operations and provide an exceptional customer experience. With a new eCommerce site in place, Burnley FC is on track to achieve its goals of doubling online sales and increasing total retail sales through their platform. The collaboration with Visualsoft demonstrates the club’s commitment to excellence both on and off the pitch.

It is widely noted that, this partnership between Burnley FC and Visualsoft has paved the way for future developments and sets a positive trajectory for the football club’s digital growth. For more information about this news, you can visit here.

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