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Candidates are invited to punch their Ticket to Tech through ConnectWise and CompTIA

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Candidates are invited to punch their Ticket to Tech through ConnectWise and CompTIA

Job seekers interested in technology and wanting to improve their digital skills are invited to apply to Ticket to Tech, a new vocational training initiative from ConnectWise, a leading global software company dedicated to the success of IT solution providers. . CompTIA is a non-profit organization for the IT industry and workers.

Ticket to Tech connects ConnectWise to a talented new generation of work-ready tech learners looking for work. The program was announced today at , ConnectWise’s premier thought leadership conference for technology solution providers.

Starting this month, an initial pilot cohort of 35 job seekers will receive training in the technical skills needed to succeed in entry-level technical support jobs, as well as ongoing training in critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and related areas. Start your skills training.

Amy Kardel, her vice president of Strategic Workforce Relationships at CompTIA, said: “They are actively involved in cloud computing, cybersecurity, data, networking, and other areas, making technical support an ideal learning ground for career advancement.”

A Ticket to Tech student prepares for her CompTIA A+ certification exam, the industry standard for starting an IT career, and trains on the ConnectWiseManage platform. The 17-week program includes career preparation skills such as LinkedIn and social media classes, mock interviews, and resume support.

There are two career paths open to graduates.

Traditional full-time employment to fill open desktop support positions. Education: Full-time employees who receive additional training, structured on-the-job learning, mentorship, and a nationally recognized U.S. Department of Labor degree.

“The industry needs qualified IT professionals. Providing a solid path to employment benefits the job market and inspires confidence,” said Jen Locklear, Chief People Officer at ConnectWise.

“This pre-training program is just the beginning, and we look forward to seeing it grow as it gains momentum. With the culture of positivity and learning built into the program, these talented and enthusiastic individuals will continue to grow in the industry. It will be an asset for all.”

IT Nation Evolve Partners has an exclusive team that joins alumni employer contact lists and works with careers services to help students find jobs, interview candidates, and make hiring decisions.

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