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CBORD Joins Forces with Amazon’s Innovative ‘Just Walk Out’ System

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CBORD Joins Forces with Amazon’s Innovative ‘Just Walk Out’ System

CBORD Collaborates with Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ Solution for Campus Stores

CBORD, a provider of campus card solutions, has teamed up with Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology to enhance the retail payment experience for college and university students in the US. With the integration of their GET platform with Just Walk Out, students can use their campus cards at checkout stores located within their respective universities and colleges. The technology streamlines the payment process and allows students, staff, and faculty members to make hassle-free payments through their campus funds. The first integrated CBORD and Just Walk Out store opened on May 2, 2023, at the University of Dayton in Ohio.

How the Just Walk Out Solution Works

The Just Walk Out solution detects the items checked out by an individual shopper or returned to store shelves, creating a virtual shopping session, and allowing the customer to leave the store without waiting in line. Before entering the retail store, a quick balance check is conducted, and the entry gates are opened based on the displayed balance. The billing amount is then automatically taken from the customer’s campus card, and an itemized receipt is sent to their registered email address.

Benefits of the Collaboration

The collaboration between CBORD and Amazon is expected to provide a convenient and seamless shopping experience to higher education campuses. The Executive Director of Dining Services at the University of Dayton, Joan Bauman, said that the CBORD and Amazon partnership was a perfect solution to provide students with a way to obtain food and beverages during challenging times. CBORD’s Interim CEO and CFO, Rob DeCarlo, expressed his delight in the partnership and aims to bring the solution to additional higher education campuses in the coming months.


The integration of CBORD’s GET platform with Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology brings a whole new shopping experience for college and university students. It saves time and offers a contactless payment solution, which is crucial during the ongoing pandemic. The partnership between these two companies also paves the way for other retailers to adopt the Just Walk Out technology, revolutionizing the way we shop.

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