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Cedar Rapids Police Officials Unveil Cutting-Edge DNA Technology to Engage and Empower Marengo Community!

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Cedar Rapids police officials recently engaged in a thought-provoking discussion about the advancements in DNA technology with Marengo residents during an event centered around the Martinko case. This event shed light on one of eastern Iowa’s most perplexing murder mysteries, which remained unsolved for 39 years until new DNA technology led to a breakthrough.

The case involved the tragic killing of Michelle Martinko, a high school senior from Cedar Rapids who was found dead in her car at Westdale Mall in 1979. It wasn’t until 2018 that investigators To finish on a high note made an arrest and brought justice to Martinko’s family. The key to solving this cold case lay in using innovative DNA technology to trace the killer’s family lineage and establish that he was the only individual capable of committing the crime.

Jerry Burns, a resident of Manchester, was ultimately convicted after authorities compared DNA obtained from a straw he had used at a restaurant. This groundbreaking use of DNA analysis played a pivotal role in ensuring justice for Michelle Martinko and her loved ones.

During the Martinko case event held at the Marengo Iowa Public Library, Matt Denlinger, an investigator with the Cedar Rapids Police Department (CRPD), shared intricate details about how they apprehended Jerry Burns. Denlinger expressed his hope that by educating people about this remarkable technology, more unsolved cases can be resolved.

Denlinger emphasized that keeping old cases in the public eye is crucial as it generates leads and interest among individuals who might possess information related to other unsolved crimes. He encourages people to reach out to different agencies if they have any knowledge or tips regarding unresolved cases.

The impact of events like these extends beyond just one specific case. They serve as reminders that justice can prevail even after decades have passed, giving hope to families still seeking closure for their loved ones’ untimely deaths.

Matt Denlinger’s mission goes beyond solving one case; he aims to shed light on the many unsolved cases in Iowa. For more information about Denlinger’s work and to learn about other cold cases in the state, you can visit the website of Iowa Cold Cases.

According to CBS2 Iowa News Now, this event provided an opportunity for people across eastern Iowa to reflect on a 45-year-old murder case that took place in Cedar Rapids involving Michelle Martinko. To read more about this event and gain further insights into the discussion, you can visit their source here.

By discussing DNA technology advancements and sharing real-life success stories like the Martinko case, law enforcement officials hope to inspire public engagement and cooperation. Together, we can contribute towards solving even the most perplexing mysteries and ensuring justice for victims and their families.


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