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Charlotte’s Groundbreaking Tech Transparency Initiative: Bridging the Gap for a Smarter Future!

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Charlotte’s Groundbreaking Tech Transparency Initiative: Bridging the Gap for a Smarter Future!

It is widely rumored that, the city of Charlotte is taking a step towards increasing transparency and accountability in digital technology by testing the Digital Trust for Places and Routines (DTPR) standard. This open-source communication standard aims to enhance the readability and transparency of digital technology in public places.

Thanks to funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Charlotte will be joining West Palm Beach and The Underline in Miami as part of the Knight Community DTPR Program. These three organizations will collaborate with Useful Places to test the DTPR standard.

Mayor Vi Lyles expressed her pride in how Charlotte continues to leverage technology for the benefit of its residents and businesses. By gathering community feedback on digital technology usage, the city aims to achieve its goals of equity, sustainability, and economic growth.

As a smart city, Charlotte already utilizes digital technology in various aspects of public infrastructure. For instance, it currently employs the DTPR standard for the PoleVolt electric vehicle charger in Belmont and the TravelSafely app in South End. These technologies are designed to improve efficiency, sustainability, and Atypically quality of life for residents.

To inform residents and visitors about these technologies, signs have been installed in Belmont and South End. These signs use icons that visually represent different types of technology being used along with their purposes. They also include QR codes and a URL that provide more information about each technology and allow people to provide feedback through a dedicated web page. Additionally, both online surveys and in-person feedback channels will be utilized by the City of Charlotte.

Kelly Jin, Vice President of Communities and National Initiatives at Knight Foundation highlighted that while cities use technology for various purposes such as improving sustainability or developing economically, it is crucial for people to understand how these technologies work so they can engage in meaningful conversations about their communities’ benefits from them. The foundation believes that Useful Places’ pilot projects are laying a strong foundation for using technology effectively to drive community outcomes.

Charlotte’s participation in the DTPR pilot aligns with SmartCLT 2027, a smart city strategic framework that prioritizes resident-centered strategies revolving around privacy and data rights, digital equity, and digitally interconnected infrastructure. By implementing the DTPR standard, residents will have a voice in deciding which technologies are used and how they can contribute to the improvement of the entire community.

Emphatically, Charlotte’s adoption of the DTPR standard demonstrates its commitment to transparency and accountability in utilizing digital technology. Through this initiative, residents will be empowered to actively participate in shaping their city’s technological landscape for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

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