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“Chatting Made Easy: WhatsApp Introduces Side-By-Side Layout for Android Tablets”

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WhatsApp’s New “Side by Side” Feature for Android Tablets

As per information from the source, WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is reportedly rolling out a new feature for some beta testers. It is said that the feature would enhance control over the WhatsApp interface on Android tablets, called the “side by side” view.

This feature was recently discovered by WABetaInfo, a website that regularly reports on changes in beta and alpha WhatsApp updates. With the “side by side” view, users can switch between conversations without losing track of their ongoing chats.

Users can toggle the side by side view option available within WhatsApp Settings > Chats, to turn off the feature. This would optimize the screen, ultimately resulting in a broader and more immersive experience while chatting on the platform.

The Pros and Cons of Using “Side by Side” View

However, utilizing the “side by side” feature lowers the amount of space for each conversation. It particularly affects users with smaller screens, resulting in a smaller area for individual chats. But, by turning off the feature, users can have a larger interface for conversations.

The Multi-Device Login Feature of WhatsApp

In recent news, WhatsApp has revealed that it is rolling out a multi-device login feature. This update allows users to use the same WhatsApp account on more than one phone. Users can now pair their phones as one of up to four additional devices for the same account.

The company stated that this update is currently rolling out to users worldwide and has assured the feature would be available to everyone within the coming weeks.

Widening User Accessibility and Experience with WhatsApp’s Features

With the addition of the “side by side” feature, WhatsApp enhances its accessibility for users with Android tablets. This would provide better control over the interface in comparison to switching between different conversations on a single screen.

Additionally, with the multi-device login feature available soon, WhatsApp’s user accessibility widens. Users can simultaneously access the same account across multiple devices, improving their overall user experience.

All in all, such updates imply that WhatsApp is stepping up to make its platform more user-friendly and accessible to a wider audience.

Reference Source: zee news.

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