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Cloud9 continues to roll in North America Spring Split

by Rahul Chauhan
1 minutes read

Cloud9 ended the round-robin game on Sunday with their fifth consecutive win, as they continued to shine during Week 9 of League of Legends’ North America League Championship Series (LCS) Spring Split action. The last win came against Evil Geniuses and gives Cloud9 a 17-1 & # 39; record & # 39; and the top-seed double elimination playoffs, scheduled for April 4-19.

Evil Geniuses, 100 Thieves and FlyQuest are in second place with 10-8 and those three teams participate in tiebreak games on Monday to determine the winner group of four teams. Evil Geniuses defeated Immortals on Sunday, while 100 defeated Thieves Counter Logic Guarding and lost Fly Quest to Golden Guardians.

Dignitas defeated Team SoloMid in the other game of the day. Despite the loss, Team SoloMid will be one of the two losers of the qualifying game in fifth place. The other spot is determined in tiebreak matches between the three teams that finish in sixth place – Dignitas, Golden Guardians and Immortals.

The playoff champion earns a place in the Invitational Mid-Season 2020, with the top teams from all League of Legends regions. Monday schedule:

–Dignitas vs. Immortals – 100 thieves vs. FlyQuest

–Golden Guardians vs. TBD – Evil Geniuses vs. TBD

2020 LCS Spring Split Leader Board, through Sunday: 1. Cloud9, 17-1

2T. 100 thieves, 10-8 2T. Evil Geniuses, 10-8

2T. FlyQuest, 10-8 5. Team SoloMid, 9-9

6T. Dignitas, 8-10 6T. Golden Guardians, 8-10

6T. Immortals, 8-10 9. Team Liquid, 7-11

10. Counter Logic Gaming, 3-15 – Media at the field level

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