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CollabCAD launched to provide engineering solution to 3D product design

by Rahul Chauhan
2 minutes read

Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog and National Informatics Center (NIC) today jointly launched CollabCAD, a collaborative network, computer-aided software system, providing a total technical solution from 2D design and detailing to 3D product design.

The aim of this initiative is to provide a great platform for students of Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL & # 39; s) across the country to create and customize 3D designs with a free flow of creativity and imagination. This software also allows students to create data over the network while accessing the same design data for storage and visualization.

ATL & # 39; s located all over India, provide craft spaces for kids to hone their innovative ideas and creativity. AIM & # 39; s collaboration with NIC’s CollabCAD is a great platform for students to use native, state-of-the-art made-in-India software for 3D modeling / slicing to use 3D printing.

A modified version of CollabCAD for ATLs has been developed with features most relevant to students to transform their ideas and creativity into physical solutions, to enable design without limitations and thus allow creativity and innovation to thrive #

Mission Director Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog Shri R Ramanan said while launching CollabCAD online via social media that 3D printing will become an integral part of the new 21st century innovations and AIM, NITI Aayog is proud to design through CollabCAD in 5000 Atal enable Tinkering Labs with over 2.5 million students who have access to it.

“I am excited to announce the launch of yet another key module called CollabCAD Design Module. It is a great CAD software system that allows students to create countless 3D designs. I look forward to letting students express their creativity and imagination free up and create great innovations that take advantage of this opportunity while tinkering both at home and in their ATL labs when schools normally open, “he added.

Meanwhile, NIC plays a critical role in pushing the online module to reach students across the country by providing a huge data source through this software CAD system.

Director General NIC Dr. Neeta Verma shares her opinion and NIC shares this brand in India, the 3D product CollabCAD, which will be used by about 5000 schools where Atal Tinkering Labs is located.

“It is a native three-dimensional computer-aided design system that helps the user build models in virtual 3D space and create and design drawings for the shop floor, making it a complete package for smart manufacturing. We are proud of our partnership with AIM, NITI Aayog to launch this opportunity for students, & # 39; she said.

In addition, in light of the current situation, the ATL program has launched a ‘Tinker from Home’ campaign to ensure that children across the province have access to useful, easy-to-learn online resources to keep herself fertile. The aim of the initiative is to exploit the creativity and innovation of children by encouraging learning by self-initiation.

AIM also launched the Game Development module in collaboration with DELL Technologies and Learning Links Foundation. It is an online platform where students can start their learning journey from home. Through the platform, they can learn to make their own games and also share them with others. This platform aims to enable students to make the transition from ‘game players’. to & # 39; gamemakers & # 39;

Likewise, young students are encouraged to learn and contribute to the nation-building journey from the safe space of their home by launching CollabCAD and game module as part of the & # 39; Tinker from Home & # 39; campaign.

(With inputs from PIB)


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