Comprehensive county annual financial report gets recognition

Comprehensive county annual financial report gets recognition


“The Moody’s triple A rating is really something to celebrate. It shows we are good financial stewards of taxpayer dollars and gives credit to our finance team and budgeting team,” said Larimer County Commissioner Kristin Stephens. Moody’s Investors Service also completed an Issuer Comment on Larimer County’s finances.  According to Moody’s, “Larimer County has an extremely strong credit position. Its Aaa rating exceeds the median rating of Aa2 for U.S. counties. Notable credit factors include a very healthy financial position, negligible debt and pension liabilities, an extensive tax base, and a strong wealth and income profile.“

Preparing a well-designed Annual Financial Report is one way of demonstrating financial stewardship, and Moody’s comments and ratings help Larimer County borrow funds at reasonable rates. The report was submitted to the Government Finance Officers Association and underwent rigorous evaluation to receive the certificate.  The certificate goes to entities that practice transparency and full disclosure in financial reporting.  Only 14% of U.S. Counties typically receive the certificate for their reports.   “2020 tested the strength and skill of the Finance Department”, said Finance Director Carol Block.  “It makes this certificate especially meaningful.”

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  • Comprehensive county annual financial report gets recognition
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