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Dan Berzen Boomerangs Back to Mosaic: Unleashing the Ultimate Fusion of Creativity and Technology!

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Dan Berzen Boomerangs Back to Mosaic: Unleashing the Ultimate Fusion of Creativity and Technology!

Apparently, Mosaic, a leading brand activation agency, has announced the appointment of Dan Berzen as Chief Creative Officer. Known for his expertise in technology-focused innovation, Berzen will be responsible for bringing digital thinking and the latest technology to client work in North America.

Berzen is not new to Mosaic; he previously worked on the agency’s Strategy & Ideation team from 2015 to 2019 before taking up creative leadership roles at other agencies. During this time, he specialized in emerging technology and was involved in creating innovative projects such as an AI-powered audiovisual radio station and a digital rewards app called Drop. Now, with his return to Mosaic, Berzen aims to integrate his technology expertise into creative campaigns.

One of the factors that attracted Berzen back to Mosaic is the agency’s ability to make anything happen. He believes that the team at Mosaic can bring any creative idea to life across various channels while ensuring top quality and measurable results. This capability sets them apart from other agencies.

As Chief Creative Officer, Berzen will lead creative teams across North America in developing innovative ideas driven by technology for clients. He will also collaborate with agency leadership to explore how new and immersive technologies can drive innovation within the agency itself.

Alayna Miller, Vice President and Executive Creative Director of Mosaic North America, expressed excitement about having Berzen back on board. She believes that his unique perspective on creativity combined with his knowledge of the latest technology will enhance their work and inspire new ideas.

Upon returning to Mosaic, Berzen led the agency through hands-on AI training sessions aimed at applying new technology to creative work. The training helped them understand how AI can be used effectively and inspired exploration within each business unit. Through this process, they discovered several key insights:

1. AI is powerful and continuously improving: Mosaic experimented with various AI technologies such as ChatGPT for brief writing and ideation, as well as tools like Midjourney and Synethesia for creating assets. While there is always room for improvement, the results were impressive when used correctly.

2. AI won’t replace humans but can enhance creativity: The true power of AI lies in enabling faster and better creation, leading to new and improved human experiences that wouldn’t be possible without these tools.

3. Embrace the unknown cautiously: Mosaic has always embraced innovation, but they acknowledge that AI is still in its early stages. They are committed to exploring its potential while being mindful of the rules of engagement that have yet to be defined.

Berzen emphasized that while AI may be unfamiliar and uncomfortable for many in the creative industry, embracing it properly will shape the future of work and the types of projects undertaken. The goal is to optimize campaigns using data-driven insights and continuously learn from the process.

Berzen holds a degree in Marketing Management and Philosophy from the University of Guelph. He will collaborate with Jef Moore, Mosaic’s Creative Director, on Toronto-based projects and report to Alayna Miller on US projects.

About Mosaic:
Mosaic North America is an integrated marketing agency that builds brands by creating connected brand experiences at various touchpoints based on customer needs and data-driven insights. With a team of experts specializing in omnichannel commerce, experiential marketing, content development, brand design, performance media, measurement, and analytics, Mosaic has a proven track record of delivering impactful results while impacting culture. As part of Acosta Group, Mosaic has locations in Chicago, Montreal, Toronto Dallas with satellite offices across the United States.

The end, Berzen’s appointment as Chief Creative Officer at Mosaic brings together his expertise in technology-focused innovation with the agency’s commitment to delivering exceptional results through creative campaigns. By leveraging emerging technologies such as AI, Mosaic aims to push boundaries and shape the future of the industry.


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