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Double Whammy for Elon Musk: Slowing EV Demand and Shaky AI Credentials Make It Hard

by Tech Desk
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Double Whammy for Elon Musk: Slowing EV Demand and Shaky AI Credentials Make It Hard

Tesla Inc. has been a major player in the stock market for quite some time now, but recent trends show that the company may be facing some challenges. While Elon Musk’s electric vehicle maker has been a part of the Magnificent Seven tech stocks driving the S&P 500 index to new heights, its performance is not keeping up with the rest of the market.

After a remarkable performance in 2023, Tesla’s stock price is down by 22% as of early 2024. This is in stark contrast to other companies like Nvidia Corp. and Meta Platforms Inc., which have seen significant rises during the same period. The decline in Tesla’s stock price has raised questions about its position among other powerhouse tech stocks.

One of the key factors behind this debate is Tesla’s unique set of challenges compared to other members of the Magnificent Seven. While six out of seven companies are benefiting from AI technology, Tesla faces issues related to slowing demand for electric vehicles and shaky AI credentials.

Analysts have also cut their average 2024 earnings estimate for Tesla almost in half over the past year, while earnings expectations for others have risen or remained stable. This has led to concerns about Tesla’s sky-high valuation, with shares trading at more than 60 times forward earnings.

The company’s reliance on a single product – the Model Y – and mismanagement of product cycles have created difficult periods that it is currently facing until the next-generation vehicle comes out next year or in 2026. These twin problems make it difficult for investors to justify Tesla’s high valuation.

Despite these challenges, there are still bullish investors who believe in Tesla’s future potential as an exclusive manufacturer of electric vehicles. They argue that no other EV manufacturer can profitably produce the volume of units that Tesla produces, making it a unique player in this space.

Looking ahead, experts expect electric cars to eventually dominate the auto industry, and those willing to bet on this future see Tesla as a long-term investment opportunity. However, others remain cautious due to uncertainty surrounding self-driving car technology and its impact on Tesla’s business model.

The apprehension, while there are differing opinions about Tesla’s current standing among top tech stocks, one thing remains certain: The company’s performance will continue to be closely watched by investors and analysts alike as it navigates through these challenging times.
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