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“Driving Growth with Local Talent and Technology: The RPM Signs Success Story”

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“Driving Growth with Local Talent and Technology: The RPM Signs Success Story”

According to a recent article from the Tribune-Democrat, RPM Signs, a Richland Township-based company, has been producing signs for over 10 years. The company’s signs can be found in NHL locker rooms, on highways directing travelers to restaurants and gas stations, and in front of retail stores and power plants.

RPM Signs produces a wide range of signs, including hand-held self-inking rubber notary stamps to large banners. Co-owned by Dave Crichton and Stan Haberkorn, the company has worked with five Stanley Cup champions and even provided signage for the Olympics.

The roots of RPM Signs go back generations in the area. Prior to a 2013 merger that brought together Minahan Signs and Richland Plastics & Engraving (a business that began as an engraving business before expanding into office signs, magnetic vehicle signs, and rubber stamps), Bill Minahan made many of the neon signs of his day in the 1950s.

Investments in new technology have allowed RPM Signs to produce faster and better quality work than ever before. For example, their large-format digital flatbed printer allows them to print banners up to eight feet wide much more efficiently than they could previously do on vinyl. Additionally, specialty routers allow staff to quickly add curves and shapes.

Since merging nearly a decade ago, sales at RPM Signs have increased by nearly 60%. This growth is thanks in part to having all staff under one roof with access to a catalog of equipment. Currently employing eight workers, RPM Signs is looking for more people with sign-making experience or graphic design experience.

While technology has changed how they produce their products significantly since their founding decades ago, RPM Signs takes pride in the fact that everything is still done locally by hand. “Hands at Johnstown touch everything we create,” says Crichton.

Definitely, RPM Signs is an innovative company driving progress through manufacturing and distribution while connecting their region to the world. They are a testament to the power of local talent and technology in driving growth in the manufacturing industry.

Source: tribdem


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