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Enroll Now: Autry Tech’s Early Care and Education Program Opens Doors for Aspiring Educators!

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Enroll Now: Autry Tech’s Early Care and Education Program Opens Doors for Aspiring Educators!

According to sources close to the news, Autry Technology Center in Enid, Oklahoma, is paving the way for a future generation of educated child care workers. With its full-time programs set to begin on August 17, 2023, the center is expecting nearly 800 students to enroll. Among the various programs offered at Autry Techthe early care and education program stands out.

Rachel Snider, the director of student services at Autry Techexplains that students in this program create lesson plans that provide both fun and educational activities for children. Upon completion of the program, these students have opportunities to work with children aged from infants to five years old at community early care and education centers as well as local elementary schools.

The importance of early influences cannot be understated. Many adults still remember their preschool teachers, babysitters, and daycare managers vividly. These early experiences leave a lasting impact on children’s lives, which is why having educated caregivers is crucial.

However, Autry Tech’s Early Care and Education Program is not just an end goal but rather a stepping stone towards a rewarding career in child care. The program delves into various aspects such as child development, health, safety, and nutrition within the context of child care.

Tammy Conway serves as the teacher instructor for this class and has been teaching at Autry since 2001. Conway’s course aims to train individuals who are passionate about pursuing careers in early childhood care and education. Through her guidance, students learn how to help children explore their interests and talents while fostering their independence and self-esteem alongside building positive relationships with other children.

Upon graduating from the program, students can pursue diverse career paths such as early care and education entry-level teacher positions or roles as teacher assistants or master teachers. Additionally, some may even aspire to become early care and education directors. Notably accredited by both the Oklahoma Board of Career and Technology Education and the Oklahoma State Department of Education, Autry Tech’s program ensures that graduates are well-prepared for their chosen career paths.

It is worth noting that Autry’s full-time programs are not limited to adults; middle and high school students can also participate. These programs follow a regular school year schedule, running from August through May. District high school students have the opportunity to attend tuition-free programs full-time upon acceptance.

To further support aspiring child care workers, Autry Tech offers the Autry Scholarship. This scholarship is available to recent high school graduates who either live in the Autry district or resided in the district during their senior year of high school and meet enrollment requirements. Eligible students may attend the program for one to three years immediately following their high school graduation.

For those interested in enrolling in Autry Tech’s Early Care and Education Program or any other full-time program, visit for more information and registration details.

The marrow, Autry Technology Center’s Early Care and Education Program provides a comprehensive education for individuals passionate about working with young children. By offering a curriculum that covers various aspects of child care and development, Autry Tech equips its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in this field. With its accredited program, diverse career opportunities, and additional scholarship options, Autry Tech serves as an ideal starting point for those seeking rewarding careers in early childhood education.

According to sources close to the news: (Enid News & Eagle)(


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