Eric Schmidt Says Coronavirus Should Make You Grateful For Big Tech


Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says the corona virus should make everyone “a little grateful” for Big Tech, and instead turn their anger at the government.

The advantage of these companies – which we like to belittle – in terms of the ability to communicate #.. the ability to get information is huge – and I hope people will remember when this thing is finally over. So let’s be a little thankful that these companies got the capital, made the investment, built the tools we use now and really helped us. Imagine having the same reality of this pandemic without these tools.

Of course, as Mr. Schmidt undoubtedly knows, reality is never in black and white. We can be grateful to Big Tech while keeping them and their policies under control. Internet is certainly an essential service, and this pandemic is an argument for this turn the Internet into a public service.

See: Eric Schmidt says that coronavirus should make you thankful for great technology

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