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Evolve Technology’s Scanners: “Secure” or Security Lapse?

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Evolve Technology’s Scanners: “Secure” or Security Lapse?

Security scanners designed to detect weapons at major sports venues in Pittsburgh are facing criticism after reports of lapses. The Evolv system, which uses advanced sensors and AI technology to detect guns and knives while identifying other metal items as benign, has been adopted by several schools and sporting facilities across the US. However, a study commissioned by Evolv found that the system missed 42% of knives and a small number of weapons. Moreover, it is important to note that, a school district in New York reported that the system failed to detect a gun and several knives after investing $3.7m in it.

Despite these issues, Evolv remains popular with many large public spaces due to its ability to scan large numbers of people without requiring them to remove clothing or empty their pockets. The company’s co-founder, Anil Chitkara, admitted that there are limitations to the technology but said that security professionals use multiple layers of security measures to ensure public safety.

However, experts have called for greater transparency from companies such as Evolv regarding what their systems can and cannot do. “The public needs to understand what they can and can’t do and then make a decision about whether or not they want to commit millions of dollars to this system,” said Donald Maye from security and technology group IPVM.

In response to concerns about the effectiveness of its security measures, one venue – Acrisure Stadium – has announced plans to add additional layers of security beyond those provided by Evolv. Other venues have yet to comment on their plans for improving security measures.



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