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Exploring the Intricate Dance: Art Exhibition Probing Humans’ Relationship with Technology

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An art exhibit has arrived at Laramie County Community College that invites viewers to examine their relationship with technology. Front Range nonprofit Denver Digerati, as part of its animation festival, will showcase the work of artist Raquel Meyers in a show called “Keys of Fury” at LCCC’s Esther and John Clay Fine Arts Gallery from September 19 to October 1. The gallery is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

The exhibition offers an opportunity for visitors to engage with thought-provoking artwork that explores the intersection between art and technology. A talk with the artist will be held on Wednesday, followed by a reception. Additionally, there will be an animation screening on October 4 at the Surbrugg/Prentice Auditorium.

Denver Digerati executive director and exhibit curator Sharifa Moore hopes that viewers will be intrigued by their encounter with the exhibit. The display features large projections of looped animations created by Meyers, along with images printed on banners on the floor and a laser-cut mosaic. Meyers utilizes characters from the Commodore 64 (PETSCII), an iconic personal computer from the 1980s, juxtaposed against concrete in Brutalist architecture, capturing the spirit and contradictions of our time.

By showcasing outdated devices and delving into their data processing intricacies, Meyers aims to connect viewers to a broader perspective of humans’ relationship with technology. The experience with old or obsolete technology encourages visitors to question their own reliance on modern devices such as mobile phones.

“I think there’s confusion about how something is created,” says Moore. “And so what we hope is that people will ask more questions about how things are produced and what happens behind the scenes.”

In today’s digital age, where Pew Research Center reports that 72% of American respondents claim they are spending more time on their digital devices, it becomes crucial for individuals to reflect upon their usage patterns. The “Keys of Fury” exhibition provides an opportunity for self-reflection and critical thinking about the impact of technology on our lives.

Raquel Meyers, born in 1977 in Spain, is an internationally recognized artist who has showcased her work in numerous galleries and festivals worldwide. Her unique approach to blending outdated technology with contemporary themes offers viewers a chance to explore the evolving relationship between humans and machines.

For more information about the “Keys of Fury” exhibition or LCCC art programs, please contact Daniel Maw at or 307-432-1692. You can also visit for further details.

It is widely claimed that, this thought-provoking exhibit encourages visitors to question their relationship with technology. With the increasing prevalence of digital devices in our daily lives, it becomes essential for individuals to reflect on how they interact with technology and its impact on society. The “Keys of Fury” exhibition by artist Raquel Meyers offers a unique perspective through her use of outdated devices and intricate animations. By exploring the finer details of data processing from obsolete technologies like the Commodore 64, Meyers prompts viewers to consider their own reliance on modern devices such as mobile phones.

The exhibit aims to challenge preconceived notions about technology’s role in society and encourage a deeper understanding of its complexities. Through engaging visuals and interactive elements, visitors are invited to question how things are produced and what happens behind the scenes.

In today’s digital age, where many individuals find themselves spending an increasing amount of time on their digital devices, it is crucial to critically assess our relationship with technology. The “Keys of Fury” exhibition serves as a catalyst for this introspection by presenting artwork that captures both the nostalgia of outdated technologies and the contradictions inherent in our modern world.

Raquel Meyers’ work has garnered international recognition due to her ability to bridge the gap between past and present, blending elements of the Commodore 64 with contemporary themes. Her art invites viewers to explore the evolving relationship between humans and machines, ultimately prompting them to question their own interactions with technology.

If you are interested in experiencing this thought-provoking exhibition or learning more about LCCC’s art programs, please reach out to Daniel Maw at or call 307-432-1692. You can also find additional information at

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with artwork that challenges your perspective on technology and its impact on society. Visit the “Keys of Fury” exhibition today and embark on a journey of self-reflection and exploration.


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