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Fast Track: UK Patients to Experience Breakthrough Medical Technologies Sooner!

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Fast Track: UK Patients to Experience Breakthrough Medical Technologies Sooner!

According to the UK government, a new pathway called the Innovative Devices Pathway (IDAP) has been launched with the aim of accelerating patients’ access to innovative medical technologies. With £10 million of government funding backing it, the IDAP seeks to provide innovators and manufacturers with multi-partner support and targeted scientific advice.

The primary goal of this new pathway is to expedite the development of innovative technologies that can be introduced into the National Health Service (NHS) without compromising safety, quality standards, and effectiveness. The IDAP aligns with the government’s Medical Technology Strategy published earlier this year, which aims to establish an end-to-end pathway for innovation in healthcare.

The pilot phase of IDAP was launched on May 25, 2023, and innovators are now invited to submit expressions of interest in order to access the pathway. Successful applicants will receive various forms of support from partners along their journey. This support may include developing a specific product roadmap, providing system navigation tips, offering priority clinical research opportunities, giving joint scientific advice with partners, assisting with Health Technology Assessments (HTA) for product realization and adoption, organizing safe harbor meetings for discussing NHS adoption, and granting exceptional use authorization by meeting necessary safety standards.

Several experts have expressed their enthusiasm for this initiative. David Lawson, Director of Medical Technology at the Department of Health and Social Care stated that IDAP signifies a commitment towards adopting innovative medical technology across the NHS. He also mentioned that it showcases internationally respected regulatory bodies and tailored support for technologies aligned with NHS needs.

Dr Susan Myles, Director of Health Technology for Wales expressed pride in being part of this project that aims to accelerate access to innovative technologies nationwide. She encouraged innovators to apply for this opportunity while assuring them of their support throughout the process.

Dr Marc Bailey, MHRA director of science and innovation emphasized that IDAP represents an exciting step towards delivering cutting-edge medical technologies safely to patients across the UK. He encouraged medical technology innovators both within the UK and abroad to apply for and benefit from this combined support service.

Jeanette Kusel, director of NICE Scientific Advice, highlighted that IDAP provides companies with the direction they need to demonstrate the value of their innovations in addressing unmet needs. She emphasized that accessing expertise from regulators and health technology evaluators is a unique aspect of IDAP.

Ed Clifton, unit head of the Scottish Health Technologies Group (SHTG), part of Healthcare Improvement Scotland, praised IDAP as a fantastic opportunity to transform access to medical technologies across the UK. Collaboration between MHRA and HTA partners ensures that successful applicants receive appropriate regulatory and evidence support at every stage.

To be eligible for the programme, applicants must submit devices without CE marking, UK CA marking, or regulatory approval. The products should meet specific criteria and address significant unmet clinical needs. Proof of concept must be demonstrated through data from a near-final prototype, along with clinical information obtained from at least one UK health organization or medical charity.

The IDAP is open to both commercial and non-commercial medical technology innovators in the UK and abroad. More information about IDAP can be found on their official website.

The kernel, the launch of IDAP represents an important milestone in accelerating access to innovative medical technologies for patients in the UK. By providing multi-partner support and targeted scientific advice, this pathway aims to facilitate rapid development while maintaining safety standards. The pilot phase is now underway, offering a unique opportunity for medical technology innovators to contribute towards enhancing patient outcomes in collaboration with regulatory bodies and healthcare organizations.

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