Government Launches Web Portal to Find Your Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone

The central government has launched a new project called the Central Register of Equipment Identities (CEIR), which will necessarily include an IMEI database of all mobile operators. Based on this database, anyone losing their phone will be able to follow their device. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can go to the CEIR website and file a formal complaint online.

Telecommunications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad unveiled Friday a portal where a user can report a complaint about lost or stolen phones. The project began on Friday in Maharashtra on a pilot basis and will then be rolled out nationwide.

“This is the age of the power of technology and communication, and it is necessary to exploit them for the well-being of the people,” said Ravi Shankar unveiling the portal at an event held in Maharashtra.

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How Government Plans To Track Lost Mobile Phones

Each cell phone has a unique 15-digit indemnity number – IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). Each time a user makes a call, the call record shows the caller’s telephone number and the IMEI number of the handset from which the call was made.

The mobile phone number of a handset can be changed by changing the SIM card, but the IMEI number can be replaced by a technician using specialized equipment. The unique number of mobile devices is awarded by the GSMA, a global industry organization, and by organizations authorized by it.

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If your mobile phone is stolen or misplaced, you must first send a first information report to the police and then inform the DoT of the incident through the helpline 14422. Subsequent use. Besides, if someone tries to use the device with another SIM card, the service provider will identify the new user and inform the police, according to a Livemint report. This service is currently being deployed in Maharashtra on a pilot basis.