Five steps to service your washing machine amid lockdown


Due to the coronavirus-enforced locking in the country, service teams are currently unable to reach you and scheduling product maintenance is currently difficult. Here are some simple steps to clean your washing machine’s inlet filter suggested by Samsung. This is a five-step guide to cleaning the washing machine inlet filter:

Step 1: Close the tap and turn the supply hose counterclockwise to open it. Step 2: Pull the filter out with your hands. If the filter is in, use a piler.

Step 3: Clean the filter under running water so that all foreign materials are rinsed away. Step 4: Replace the filter with the holder facing outwards and tighten the hose securely.

Step 5: Open the tap and run the machine to observe the improved water pressure. In daily use, small particles and mineral deposits in water can block the inlet filter of your Frontload or Topload washing machine. This can cause an insufficient supply of water and affect performance. It is advisable to clean the inlet filter every two weeks. (ANI)

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