Flickr Triples Display Pro Photo Size At 6K

The Flickr image and video hosting site are doing everything in its power to ensure its paying users get value for money. The platform now offers Pro users the ability to display their images at up to 6K resolution.

If you’re a Flickr Pro member uploading high-resolution images to the site, the longest side of your image can now measure 6,144 pixels, as opposed to the old 2K resolution where the most extended team measured 2,048 pixels.

According to the announcement, the higher display resolution “should show your photos in all their splendor,” especially on the latest high-resolution monitors that should be able to bring out “every detail to perfection.”

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The increase in display resolution has already been extended to all Pro users. There is a dedicated option on the settings page for choosing the display size of your images.

If you have made your selection, all existing or newly downloaded images with an original size larger than 6 KB (6,144 x 3,160) will now automatically be displayed at the maximum resolution on the platform.